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PNW General Scholarships

PNW students can be considered for more than 140 donor-funded scholarships just by filling out one simple application form.

We know you’re busy, but taking this one small step can make a big difference in finding free money for college!

Look for Scholarship Applications to reOpen Oct. 1, 2023!

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PNW Scholarships That Use the General Application

Learn more about the 140+ PNW donor-funded scholarships that use our general application. No need to apply to each individually—if you fill out the application once, you are automatically considered for all the scholarships you are eligible for.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of the donors who make these scholarships possible!

PNW General Scholarships
1998 Chancellor’s Gala1st Source Bank Chancellor’s Leadership ScholarshipAlbert & Margaret Gallagher ScholarshipAlexis Jarrett Women’s Athletics Scholarship
Anita Bowser ScholarshipAnthony R Gonzalez ScholarshipAvra Neil Mitra Memorial Economics Scholarship
Baird-Tomko ScholarshipBank One Merrillville ScholarshipBarbara & Bernie LootensBeatty, NAU, Hammond Manufacturing Association Award
Beulah Inc Science ScholarshipBiology ScholarshipBlake Pre Veterinary ScholarshipBusiness Analytics Scholarship
C. R. Hutton Endowed ScholarshipCarlisle FamilyCatherine J. Bellamy ScholarshipChancellor's Council Endowed Scholarship
Chancellor's Council ScholarshipChancellor’s DiscretionaryCharles E. Miller MemorialChicago Southshore and South Bend Railroad Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship
Christenson Athletic ScholarshipClare & Lucy Osterle ScholarshipClaudia Nondorf Memorial ScholarshipCoach Bednar Centaur Athletic Scholarship
COB Sports Management ScholarshipCollege of Business Dean’s ScholarshipCollege of Education ScholarshipCollege of Engineering, Math & Science Scholarship
CSSAC ScholarshipDale Alspaugh ScholarshipDonald L. Clark Memorial ScholarshipDonald R. and Helen P. Myers Endowed Scholarship
Donald S. Powers Athletic ScholarshipDonald S. Powers Nursing ScholarshipDorman Family Endowed Scholarship in NursingDr. Joyce Ellis Nursing Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Joyce Ellis Scholarship - Talent AwardDr. Nils K. Nelson Memorial ScholarshipDuneland Health Council ScholarshipDworkin Family Scholarship
E-Center Merit Award HammondEd Furticella Scholarship in AccountingEdward and Marie Plucinski Memorial ScholarshipEdwin and Elsie Buck Scholarship
Frank Saculla Athletic ScholarshipFred and Louise Rowley ScholarshipFred C. Rowley, Jr. ScholarshipGeorge Sefler Memorial Scholarship
Gloria J. Smokvina ScholarshipGopalan Engineering Endowed Scholarship at PNWGraduate Distinction ScholarshipGraduate Research Scholarship
Graegin Scholarship for Student Athletes
Hammond Centennial ScholarshipHammond Optimist Endowed ScholarshipHarold C. Moran ScholarshipHermine Cutler Scholarship
Honors ScholarshipHorizon Bank Chancellor’s Leadership ScholarshipHospitality and Tourism Management ScholarshipHoward and Patti Cohen Chancellor's Scholarship
Irene and Kostas Yiankes ScholarshipJacob and Yetta Lerner Memorial ScholarshipJerome Hyndman ScholarshipJim & Betty Dye Non-Traditional Scholarship
Jim and Betty Dye Student ScholarshipJohn Stanfield ScholarshipJoseph & Edna Burger ScholarshipJudith L. Mervine Nursing Education Endowed Scholarship
Kaiser Aluminum ScholarshipKaren Bacus ScholarshipKathleen Mills Hill ScholarshipKenneth & Marjorie Mills Scholarship
LaPorte Savings Bank Chancellor’s Leadership ScholarshipLaura McClun Rowley ScholarshipLicense Plates ScholarshipLorraine Kirkley Scholarship
Louis & Frances Wermuth ScholarshipLucas ScholarshipLucille and Gayle Bluhm ScholarshipM. Gyte Alumni Scholarship
Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics ScholarshipMBAE Non-Profit ScholarshipMeredith E. Tom and Helen R. Tom ScholarshipMichael and Eileen O’Reilly
Michael and Geraldine Macenski Behavioral ScholarshipMichael J. Harrigan Memorial ScholarshipMichael James Quint ScholarshipMichael James Quint Scholarship
Michial Thompson ScholarshipMike Lalaeff Athletics ScholarshipMillie Pilot ScholarshipMilos Family Foundation
NBD Bank Talent ScholarshipNIPSCO Chancellor’s Leadership ScholarshipOptimist Club of Hammond ScholarshipPat Bednar Softball Scholarship
PNW Alumni Endowment ScholarshipPNW Communications and Creative Arts ScholarshipPNW Haas Foundation COT ScholarshipPNW Rachel Steffens Memorial Scholarship
Pokagon Fund ScholarshipProfessor Emerita Joanne Pluckebaum Endowed ScholarshipProfessor Jack E. Forbes Memorial ScholarshipProfessor Mildred P. Vajagich Scholarship
PS Gerard FundQuasney Family ScholarshipRobert A. Solkey ScholarshipRobert and Betty Jane Schwarz Scholarship
Robert G. Husted, M.D. ScholarshipRobert L. Carr, Jr. Memorial ScholarshipRotary Golden Anniversary ScholarshipRowley Bushue Scholarship
Science & Nursing Memorial Talent Award Selena M. Taliaferro Memorial ScholarshipSimon Larkin Nursing ScholarshipSolid Waste District of LaPorte County Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship
Sori Family Merit Scholarship for Construction TechnologySori Family Scholarship for Construction TechnologySpecial Merit ScholarshipStephen Hough Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Student Affordability ScholarshipSummer Engineering ProgramSusan Finke Memorial ScholarshipSydney Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Sydney Smith Talent ScholarshipThe Accounting ScholarshipThe Robinson Family FundThe Russell R. McWhorter Scholarship
University Merit ScholarshipValerie H. Brady ScholarshipVan Eekeren Family ScholarshipVanOrman History
Virginia Bushong Memorial Scholarship Virginia M. Brelje Memorial ScholarshipWhite Lodging Future Leaders ScholarshipWilliam & Kathryn Shields Healthcare Scholarship
Winthrop Taylor Memorial ScholarshipWomen in Engineering and Technology Scholarship