Thank You Notes

Congratulations on receiving a scholarship made possible through the generous support of alumni and friends of Purdue Northwest. It is important to acknowledge the contributions that help ease the financial burden of attending college for so many of our students.

Thanking Scholarship Donors

With this in mind, thanking the donor who generously donated your scholarship is a sincere and courteous gesture. The donor will also see how their gift to you and Purdue Northwest is being utilized and benefiting our many talented and deserving students scholars.

If you received more than one scholarship, you are expected to write a thank-you letter for each scholarship you received. Letters should be addressed to donors. The following tips and sample letter will guide you through writing a proper donor thank you letter.

Please send your thank-you note electronically to Institutional Advancement at

A Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Greet the Donor
    Write to the donor or organization specified on your award letter.
  2. Express your Gratitude
    Write sincerely. Identify the scholarship you received. Do not mention money or request additional financial assistance.
  3. Demonstrate the Impact
    Share how being a student Purdue Northwest is making a difference in your life. You can mention sports, activities, accomplishments, awards—anything you are proud of.
  4. Look Forward
    Share your plans for the future. Let the donor know how this scholarship has helped to further your education. Talk about special interests, future plans, family history and most importantly, what the scholarship means to you personally.
  5. Thank Again
    Examples: “Thanks again for your gift.” “I appreciate the scholarship assistance.” “Again, I want to thank you for your generosity.”
  6. Signing Off
    Examples: “Sincerely,” “Warm Regards,” “With Sincere Thanks,”

Final Steps

  • Be clear and concise. One page is sufficient.
  • Proofread your work. If you need assistance in writing your letter or proofreading, you may contact the PNW Writing Center. For help making an appointment, please contact
  • Letters with errors or little content will be returned for rewrites.

Questions? Contact Institutional Advancement at