PNW offers a variety of fitness membership options and passes for alumni, employees and FREE memberships for all students.

Students prepare to lift weights.

Student Memberships

Student Memberships are free! You must be enrolled in classes in order to have access to the Hammond and Westville Fitness Center. You must provide your PNW student ID at the check-in desk!

PNW Affiliated Memberships and Passes

Student memberships are free. You must be enrolled in classes in order to have access to the Hammond and Westville Fitness Center. You must provide your PNW student ID at the check-in desk!

Memberships are available starting at $35 per semester for full-time, part-time and non-benefit eligible* employees and their spouses, as well as PNW retirees.

Membership Pricing
PNW Employee (Full-Time), PNW Retiree or Spouse
1 Year Membership
PNW Employee (Part-Time)
Semester during which Employed (Fall, Spring, Summer)

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*Non-Benefit Eligible Employees will need to show Proof of Employment

This membership is for graduates of Purdue University Northwest and its legacy institutions. Quarterly or yearly memberships are available for purchase. Proof of being a graduate of Purdue Calumet, Purdue North Central or Purdue Northwest is required.

PNW Alumni
Three Months$50
One Year$175

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Community Memberships and Passes

This membership is available to students from other colleges or universities who live in the geographic area. Qualifying students that are home for Christmas/holiday break may utilize the PNW fitness center for the weeks they are home. Additionally, students from another college or university who are interning in the area and/or living in university housing may purchase a summer membership.

A college or University ID is required at the time of membership purchase.

Non-PNW Student Memberships
Non-PNW Student:
Winter Break
Non-PNW Student:

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Individuals must be 65 years of age. Proof of senior status is required. Senior memberships are available in increments of one month, three months and 1 year.

Seniors and Veterans
Three months$75
One year$200

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Guest Memberships & Passes(Ages 18+)
One Day$7
One week$15
One month $40
10 Visit Punch Pass$35
Three months$100
One year$325

Daily guest pass (Sponsored)

This pass is for Fitness Center members who wish to bring a guest to work out in the Fitness Center. The pass can be purchased by the sponsoring member or the guest; however, the guest must be accompanied by the Fitness Center member when accessing the Fitness Center. Guests must be 18 years of age or older. This pass is only available for in-person purchase.

One week pass*

This membership is for the public or community members who wish to work out in the Fitness Center for one week or 7 consecutive calendar days from the date of purchase. Individuals must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this pass. This pass is only available for in-person purchase.

10 visit punch pass*

This allows public or community members to work out in the Fitness Center 10 times regardless of the number of days or weeks it takes to accumulate 10 visits. This pass is good for those who think purchasing a one-month membership may not give them enough time to accumulate 10 visits. The pass expires 6 months from the purchase date. This pass is only available for in-person purchase.

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One month, three months and 1 year memberships*

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*Individuals must be 18 years of age to purchase any of these memberships.

Three people pose on yoga mats facing a teacher who is also on a yoga mat

Fitness Center Reimbursement Program

We offer a variety of programs and services to assist employees with better total wellness. PNW faculty and staff of all ages and abilities gain awareness, knowledge, skills, and motivation that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Employee Wellness will give PNW benefits-eligible employees and their spouses each a $30 reimbursement on their PNW Annual Fitness Center membership if they have participated in an annual Biometric Lab Screening that includes LDL cholesterol level and A1C or have gotten their annual wellness/preventative physical exam with a primary care provider. Physicals can be performed at the Center for Healthy Living (CHL) on the Hammond campus and include a biometric lab screening. Please call (765) 494-0111 to make an appointment for a physical at the Hammond CHL or visit the clinic’s website for more information.

Download Reimbursement Form

To receive this discount, each PNW benefit-eligible employee or their spouse must:

  1. Have participated in either:
    1. An Annual Biometric Lab Screening that includes LDL level and A1C OR
    2. An Annual Wellness/Preventative Physical Exam with a Primary Care Provider
  2. Complete in full the PNW Employee Wellness Fitness Center Reimbursement Form for each individual.
  3. Submit a copy of your PNW Fitness Center Membership receipt and completed reimbursement form to PNW Employee Wellness via email, in-person or mail.

NOTE:  Please do not attach any personal medical health information to the form.

*Lab Screening/Annual Exam must occur in the same calendar year as PNW Fitness Center Membership purchase.

PNW Employee Wellness Addresses

  • Email: PNW Employee Wellness (
  • Campus Mail: DSAC 1069
  • US Mail: Purdue University Northwest, Attn: Employee Wellness, 1401 S US Hwy 421, Westville, IN 46391
  • In-person Drop-off: Dworkin Student Services & Activities Complex (DSAC), room 1069, Westville Campus,  Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm CST


The reimbursement is paid to the PNW employee in the form of either an automatic payment into their bank accounts listed for payroll or a paper check mailed to the address on the form. Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing reimbursement.