Westville Group Classes

Please note: all group classes are currently cancelled due to PNW’s precautionary Covid-19 Planning

See the Fitness & Recreation COVID-19 Protocol

Westville Class Descriptions

All Levels Vinyasa Yoga — A combination of intentional movement and intensity, this class is designed to wake up the entire body and mind. You can expect to center and connect with our breath, beginning slowly, eventually moving into sun salutations and standing postures until encountering deep, passive stretches to close the practice. Great class for those looking for the complete yoga class. We will cultivate strength,, flexibility, balance, mind-body awareness, connection and gratitude. As always, everyone is encouraged to work at his or her pace.

Zumba — Dance yourself fit with two left feet or two right feet. There’s no wrong way to Zumba as long as your moving your body and having fun. (Instructor will keep you safe!) Try this exhilarating fitness experience that lets your body connect to Latin and international rhythms. A great cardio exercise that will get you to smile and burn extra calories!

Team Walking Challenge — On your mark, tie your laces, gather your teammates, and start walking! Starting Aug. 26—Oct. 5th, you and your walking team will accumulate miles as a team, not individually. Walking together is best and best part you can walk on your own time or on Tues./Thurs. scheduled 30 minutes. Come up with a team name and record your miles at the check-in desk throughout the 6 weeks. Team with the most miles can earn a prize.

Kettlebells & TRX Suspension Training — Kettlebells and the TRX add an entirely different dimension to training, as they target our deep internal core stabilizers. You have to work harder to maintain balance or center of gravity with the kettlebell, and the TRX encourages a plank position for the exercises. You ’re in a moving plank the entire time. These are excellent tools to challenge yourself and keep your muscles guessing!

All classes require registration! Please visit the fitness center front desk to sign the waiver and receive your unlimited fitness pass for the next 7 weeks!