PNW Housing Maintenance Requests

Any housing maintenance problem should be reported immediately to the University Village Facilities Team.

Please submit a work order using the link below for your BUILDING:


The HRE Maintenance personnel are committed to serving you promptly! Residents are expected to cooperate with all maintenance staff members so that repairs can be completed as quickly as possible.

By submitting a work order, the resident implicitly gives the HRE Maintenance personnel permission to enter his/her apartment to make the repair whether the resident is present or not present at the time.

Please make special note that EMERGENCY work orders submitted after normal business hours and on weekends will still be addressed by a maintenance staff member that is called back to campus. This may take longer than emergencies that are reported during the day, so please be patient. Please notify the Resident Assistant or Community Assistant at the Service Desk of such emergencies immediately.

Smoke Detector Beeping?

This means the battery is dying; it just needs to be replaced. DON’T TAKE IT DOWN!! It is a life-saving device and should always be in place in case of an emergency. Even though it is beeping, it will still alert you to a fire as long as it is plugged into the holder. If you take it down, it will NOT work properly putting your life at risk. You can be charged a $200.00 fine for taking down your smoke detector!

Please call the front desk of your building to have our Facilities Team, or a Housing Staff, Member come to your room to assist if you are hearing your smoke detector beep intermittently.

Door Issues

If you are having issues with your apartment or bedroom door swipe, please take note of what lights are flashing and go the front desk of your building to report the issue. Many times the lock needs updating or your card access has expired. The front desk or your RA will be able to help you with any door lock issues!

  • Are the lights blinking? See what they mean here: Onity Integra Light Codes
  • No lights flashing? This means the batteries are dead. You can call the front desk and an RA will change them!

Vending Machine Issues

Please contact CL Vending at 1-219-374-4041. Be prepared to provide them with the vending machine number found on a sticker on the front of the machine.

Washer and Dryer Issues

Please contact Jetz Laundry at this website to report a problem.  You will need the machine ID found on the front of the washers and dryers.

Have a Non-Housing Request?

If you have a maintenance request outside PNW housing, please contact the PNW facilities team.