Housing and COVID-19

Please see below for the most recent updates and information concerning COVID-19 and how we are keeping our community safe this year.

Housing Staged Re-Opening Plan

Current Stage: 3

Please review our current stage and what that means for our community.

Staged Re-opening in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stage 1 – Beginning of Fall Semester
Stage 2 – Restrictions in place but more opportunities given to residents
Stage 3 – Fully open, with faces covered
Stage 4 – Return to Normal Operations

 Stage 1Stage 2 Stage 3
Stage 4
Face CoveringsRequired, when not in apartmentRequired, when not in apartmentRequired, when not in apartmentNo longer required
LoungesClosedLounges at ½ CapacityLounges Fully Open, faces covered and socially distantLounges Fully Open
Meeting RoomsClosedLarge Rooms Open with 9-11 person max and reservationsAll Rooms Open, faces coveredOpen
GuestsNo visitors outside of buildingPNW Guests AllowedAll Guests Allowed, face covered for entire visitAll Guests Allowed
Computer LabsOpen, Socially-DistancedOpen, Socially-DistancedOpen, Socially-DistancedReturn to Labs
MeetingsVirtualVirtual preferred, but socially distant and faces covered is allowed.In Person, faces coveredIn Person
Hall ProgramsVirtual and OutsideVirtual and Outside preferred but small, in person gatherings allowedAll programs allowed with faces covered and socially distantAll programs allowed
Laundry RoomsOpen, occupancy of 1Open, occupancy of 1Open, faces coveredOpen
ElevatorsStairs encouraged, Elevator occupancy of 2Stairs encouraged, Elevator occupancy of 2No occupancy restrictionsNo occupancy restrictions

Updates and Changes to Campus Housing

Building Changes

  • All filters in housing have been replaced with higher-rated filters.
  • Acrylic sneeze guards have been placed at both desks and at the Griffin package distribution area.
  • Housing has increased disinfection of high touch areas across the community. New disinfectant and equipment has been purchased to assist with this task.
  • The Griffin and Peregrine Computer Labs will be spread out to encompass all second floor common areas.
  • The package checkout system has become no touch for the foreseeable future.
  • We have set aside more space to accommodate grocery deliveries in both buildings.
  • Water fountain drink spouts have been removed and only the bottle-filling stations remain.

Policy Updates

  • All Housing policies (except Face Coverings) put into place in response to the pandemic have been removed. Please see our Resident Handbook for more information.
  • Face coverings are required for all unvaccinated people who enter University Village.

What You Can Do

  • The flu vaccine may be required for all campus residents this year. Please watch your PNW email for more information.

*Last updated: July 2021

Once residents have symptoms or a diagnosis of COVID-19, they are first encouraged to call their healthcare provider. After contacting their healthcare provider, residents are requested to contact Colin Fewer, the Dean of Students, at fewer@pnw.edu.

All non-symptomatic, unvaccinated residents of University Village will be required to participate in surveillance testing, once per week.

In order to complete this requirement, unvaccinated residents should only utilize the on campus testing sites as they will be equipped to track compliance.  Beginning the week of August 30, the two testing locations and times will be:

  • Mondays*, 5pm-6:30pm in CLO 112B
  • Thursdays, 11am-12:30pm in CLO 112B

If neither of these times work, students may utilize the onsite testing clinic located in Classroom Office Building (CLO) 112B which will be open Mondays and Tuesdays, 9am-3pm.  If you attend this clinic, you must let the testing staff know you are a University Village resident.  PLEASE NOTE:  When the university is closed, this testing site will not be open, only the housing testing sites will be available.

Missed Tests

First Missed Test
  • Reminder will be issued to student’s PNW email.
Second Missed Test
  • Reminder will be issued to student’s PNW email.
  • Student will be documented for “Failure to Comply” and will be placed on probation.
Third Missed Test
  • Student will be documented for “Failure to Comply” and will be removed from University Village.

 *Including Labor Day and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Additional Information:

  • Students away from campus Monday-Sunday are not required to complete surveillance testing, but must notify Housing at housing@pnw.edu prior to their departure from campus, otherwise they may be expected to complete surveillance testing.
  • If you are symptomatic of COVID-19, please get a test at a licensed healthcare provider and report positive test results to the Dean of Students at fewer@pnw.edu.
  • Once fully vaccinated, please report your status to a member of the Housing professional staff, who will remove you from the surveillance testing list, once your vaccination has been verified.

As PNW returns to normal operations, quarantine/isolation capacity has been reduced for the 2021-2022 academic year. Therefore, all residents should adopt a personal plan for self-quarantine and/or isolation, which may include returning home or finding an alternative off campus location such as a hotel to complete quarantine/isolation.

On occasion, students may be allowed to quarantine in their own apartment.

Limited spaces will be made available for special circumstances where a student does not have alternative off campus support (e.g. international students).

Please note, it will be expected that your personal plan for quarantine/isolation will include working with friends/other residents to pick up packages and/or food deliveries. To make package arrangements, please contact Housing Operations Coordinator, Jacqueline Chambers (chamb101@pnw.edu). PLEASE NOTE: Housing Staff will no longer be delivering food/packages to students who are fulfilling their quarantine requirements in their own room. 

If student is notified of isolation/quarantine procedures, they should contact Housing staff via 219-989-2996.

Need More Information?

For more information on housing’s response to COVID-19, please visit the Resident Handbook, where you will find all the updated policies and procedures for this year.

For more information on the university’s response to COVID-19, go to the PNW and Coronavirus webpage.