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Get the Flu Shot not the Flu!


Help yourself stay well this fall and winter. To protect yourself, you need a flu shot every year.

All Purdue University Northwest benefits-eligible employees, official retirees, and their spouses may receive the flu shot FREE OF CHARGE!

NEW THIS YEAR: WorkingWell will be offering FluBlok, a more concentrated dose of flu vaccine, to all participants age 65 and over.

All other participants can receive the vaccine for only $28 ($65 for FluBlok). Now accepting credit and HSA cards. Make checks payable to Franciscan WorkingWell.

Don’t delay schedule your appointment today! This year, in order to maintain proper social distancing, you must schedule an appointment. Appointments are REQUIRED.

PNW OnSite Flu Shot Flyer for 2020

PLEASE NOTE: Those who are covered by the Purdue’s health insurance plan, Anthem, must bring their card to receive this benefit.

Hammond Campus

Location: Fitness & Recreation Center, Racquetball Courts (Use entrance K2; Entrance K1 is ADA accessible)

Tuesday, September 22, 8:00am – 11:30am

Wednesday, September 23, 10:30am – 2:00pm

Wednesday, September 30, 10:30am – 2:00pm

Westville Campus

Location: Dworkin Student Services & Activities Complex, room 1113

Thursday, September 24, 8:00am – 11:30am

Tuesday, September 29, 10:30am – 2:00pm

  1. Enter https://franciscan.jellyfishhealth.com/questionnaire in your browser field or scan the QR code located in PNW OnSite Flu Shot Flyer for 2020.
  2. Under “Choose your company below” click “Purdue University Northwest.”
  3. Navigate to the location you would like to attend and in the box that lists your location’s “Flu Shots” click “View Full Schedule.” Click on the date that you wish to attend. Next click the time slot that you would like to reserve.
  4. Once you have chosen your appointment, you will be prompted to log in or create a new account. NOTE: You are unable to schedule an appointment for more than one person.  You and your spouse must register separately and cannot using the same email address.
  5. If you would like to receive text or email reminders for your appointment, enter your phone number or email address in the appropriate fields and click the corresponding notification in the gray “Contact Preferences” box.
  6. Click the “Schedule Appointment” button and you will see that your appointment has been scheduled.


  • If you would like to reschedule an appointment, please login to your account first and cancel your existing appointment.
  • Your spouse must have their own account.  You are unable to schedule appointment for them.
  • If you have a spouse, both of you cannot list the same email address when creating an account.
  • High dose flu vaccines will be administered based on birth date.  If you are 65 or older you will receive the FluBlok vaccine.

Trouble Scheduling Appointment?

  • In Franciscan’s Online Scheduler, try the “Forget your Password” link
    • If that doesn’t work you may call Franciscan WorkingWell’s office at 219-762-9744 and they will be able to schedule the appointment.
  • Appointments are required.
  • Arrive promptly at the start of your appointment time.
  • Maintain social distance of at least 6 feet at the clinic.
  • Do not attend the flu clinic if you don’t feel well.

What to Wear:

  • A mask/face covering is REQUIRED.
  • Wear clothing that allows the shot to be administered in the upper arm; we recommend wearing a short-sleeve shirt.

What to Bring:

Please complete & bring to your appointment:

  1. Flu consent 2020 2021 form
  2. Patient Demographic Consent Form
    • Fill out all fields with these exceptions:
      • Soc Sec # –  only list last 4 digits
      • Drivers License #
      • Injury Date
    • If you have PURDUE’S MEDICAL INSURANCE, please provide insurance information on the form; otherwise leave blank.
      • Insurance Carrier: ANTHEM
      • Subscriber Name: PNW Employee’s Name
      • Member ID: This is the same for Purdue Employee and Their Spouse, 
        • Member ID can be found on your Anthem insurance card below name, by logging into your account on Anthem’s website or in Sydney, Anthem’s mobile app.   

For further information regarding the flu vaccine please see the CDC Flu Vaccine Information Statement. Copies will be available at the on-site event.

  • Retail pharmacies: Check with your retail pharmacy for flu shot availability.  Purdue medical plans cover the seasonal flu vaccine for employees and covered dependents. 
  • Health Care Provider: In most cases, your primary care provider can administer flu shots. All Purdue medical plans cover the seasonal flu vaccine for employees and covered dependents. 
  • Request a Voucher: Complete the questionnaire and PNW Employee Wellness will send you a voucher for you to redeem at a Franciscan WorkingWell location.  Vouchers will be mailed out after the on-site flu shot event, first week of October. 
Students relax on campus

Wellness Screenings

Biometric health screenings, held on campus each spring and fall, provide you with valuable health metrics at no additional cost to you once per year.  These screening , including blood pressure, cholesterol levels and current weight.  Vouchers are also available to be redeemed at off campus sites.

See Details, Sign Up or Request a Voucher

Additional Wellness Services

Healthy Boiler Incentive

Be proactive about your health and get paid for it! You have the chance to earn funds by getting your annual exam and biometric completed each year.

  • Access or create your Healthy Boiler account
  • Print out Provider Form for your primary care provider to initial
  • Read the 2020 Healthy Boiler Incentive Overview to learn requirements and pay dates for the incentive
  • Follow along with the 2020 Healthy Boiler Incentive Directions to submit your information correctly



Taking care of yourself is important.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed or out of balance you have help.  PNW’s Employee Assistance Program is here for you and your family to help navigate life’s ups and downs.

Tobacco Cessation

Quitting tobacco is one of the most important health choices you can make. If you are ready to quit,  there are options to help you succeed.


Available seven days a week, the Indiana Tobacco Quitline is provided by the state Department of Health and is available to all Indiana residents. If you call from a number outside of Indiana, you will be connected to a Quitline for that location.

This program can only be completed once per year. If you have already completed this program, please select another option.

  • Available to employees and spouses at all campuses.
  • To receive credit for this approved tobacco cessation program you must:
    • Register: Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) to start the program. A Quitline intake specialist will get your demographic information and register you in the program. You will then be transferred to a quit coach for your initial coaching call or you will be scheduled for an outbound call from the quit coach at a later date.
    • Calls: Quit coach calls include assessment of status, review of stage of readiness to change, action items appropriate to status, discussion of triggers and barriers, setting a quit date and information/resources. During a coaching call, the quit coach schedules the timeframe for your next call. Should you miss a scheduled call, you can call in yourself to reach a quit coach.
    • Timing: You will receive four calls with your quit coach. Generally, most people complete their four calls between six and 12 weeks. You may take longer than 12 weeks if needed, but you must not complete the four quit coach calls in shorter than six weeks.

Submit Your Letter of Completion

During your fourth call with your quit coach, you must request a “Letter of Completion.” Once you receive that in the mail, you will submit this letter to Human Resources as evidence of completion:

ATTN: Tobacco Cessation

Campus Mail
HR – Benefits
West Lafayette Campus

U.S. Mail
Purdue HR Benefits
1281 Win Hentschel Blvd Suite 1100
West Lafayette, IN 47906

One-to-one counseling for tobacco cessation helps by providing support both before and after you quit. Through a series of up to four sessions, telephonic and/or in person, you can receive (a) guidance to help you handle challenges while quitting and (b) recommendations for selection and proper use of medications to help make you more comfortable while you are quitting.

Please contact the Center for Healthy Living at 765-494-0111 to schedule your first session with a nurse health coach or pharmacist at least one week before your planned quit date.

Tobacco-user Additional Premium

If you certified you are a tobacco user when you enrolled in your benefits, you will have an additional annual medical premium of $1,000 you have the option of completing an approved tobacco cessation program to reduce your premium. Complete an approved program in 2020 and your premium can be lowered for part or all of the plan year.

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