Biometric Lab Screenings

PNW’s Center for Healthy Living (CHL) at the Hammond campus will be providing the lab services associated with this event in partnership with Labcorp.

Again this fall, PNW’s Biometric Screenings event will be offered by the Center for Healthy Living (CHL). Flu shots will also be available during this event. Please review carefully below for an understanding of the new process for our Biometric Lab Screenings.

The same audience as in the past may participate!

  • Benefits Eligible Employees
  • Spouses of Benefit Eligible Employees
  • Official Retirees who are pre-65 covered under a Purdue medical plan
  • Spouses of Official Retirees who are pre-65 covered under a Purdue medical plan
  • Secure an order from your primary care provider for the lab work you wish to have done (the order should indicate whether fasting is required or not).
    • Note: Be sure to look at your lab orders to see if preparation is needed to do before testing such as fasting or other special instructions which may be noted in the description of each test.
  • Bring a hard copy of the order with you to your lab appointment OR you can submit the order ahead of time to the CHL by emailing
    • Note:  If you do not have an order, the blood test cannot be performed.
  • Bring your ID and your medical insurance card to your appointment.
  • Lab orders will be processed through the patient’s health insurance plan. Rates are dependent on the type of screenings ordered and your health insurance coverage.
  • Most preventive labs are covered at 100% by in-network providers on most insurance plans. PNW’s biometric lab screenings will be processed by Labcorp. Labcorp is a Tier 1, in-network provider on Purdue’s medical plans.
  • Payment will not be taken onsite. Individuals will receive an invoice from Labcorp through the mail and will be responsible for any charges after the insurance claim has been processed.

How To Make An Appointment

No appointment is needed!

  • Lab tests can be performed on a walk-in basis throughout the year at the CHL on the Hammond Campus Monday through Friday during clinic hours.  (Note: a lab order is required)
  • The Center for Healthy Living staff were on the Westville Campus on October 5 between 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. in Schwarz Hall, Room 25.  Spring event date TBD (Note: a lab order is required)

How do I get my results?

  • Lab results are sent to the ordering provider.
  • You can go online to and create an account, if you do not already have one.  In your LabCorp account, you can view test results and pay your bills online.

Do you need a provider that can write you a lab order?  Consider scheduling your annual physical with the Center for Healthy Living – Hammond.  As part of this visit, your physical, biometrics and labs will all be conducted in one convenient visit.  Please visit the Center For Healthy Living to learn more and to schedule a preventive care visit.



Benefit-eligible employees as well as covered spouses are eligible to earn Healthy Boiler incentive funds.

  • Ensure your lab order includes LDL Cholesterol Level and A1c. (These two measures are a portion of the six biometric measures required to earn funds.  The other biometrics measures needed are: current body weight (lbs.), height (inches), Systolic Blood Pressure (top number) and Diastolic Blood Pressure (bottom number).
  • Discuss your lab results with your primary care provider at your annual physical.
  • Complete the Healthy Boiler 2023 Physical Form and secure your primary care provider’s signature.
  • Submit the 2023 Healthy Boiler Physical Form via the Healthy Boiler Portal. (Remember, you must complete a physical before receiving incentive dollars for this lab test or any other screening or exam.)

If you arrive at the Westville event or at the Center for Healthy Living without lab orders, you will be unable to participate.

Payment will not be taken onsite. The Center for Healthy Living staff will take insurance information and a copy of your insurance card and Labcorp will bill as appropriate. Lapcorp will bill according to the diagnosis code inputted by the ordering provider and you will be responsible for paying the bill if there is a cost.

If you and your dependents are covered on a Purdue medical plan, preventive care will be covered at 100%.

No, the patient would get a bill from Labcorp.

You will receive an appointment reminder if you registered online.

No. Height, weight and blood pressure will not be offered and should be handled by your provider.