Herb Garden

Image of a variety of herbs Welcome to our Culinary Herb Garden!

You’ll find the garden on the Westville Campus on the east side of the Schwarz Building on the north end of the planters next to the the building.  For the Hammond Campus you’ll find the garden on the south side of the Fitness & Recreation Center by the basketball hoop.

Our herbs can not only be used in cooking, but you can use them in other ways, too, like in bouquets, diy cleaners and much more!  Check out Guide to Using Herbs.  Here you’ll learn how to flavor with fresh herbs and how to properly store and cook with fresh herbs.

Image of herbs on a cutting board

Uses for Herbs

Here you’ll find an assortment of recipes using the herbs in our Culinary Herb Garden.  There are two ways to search by.  We hope you enjoy!

Recipes by Recipe Types

Looking to find a recipe for a certain type of food. Here you can find recipes that way.


Recipes by Herbs

If you know what herb you want to use search by recipe that way for each of the herbs found in our garden.


Located in the PNW Hammond and Westville gardens.Image of Peppermint

Located in the PNW Westville garden.Image of Pineapple Sage