New @ PNW (New Employee Onboarding)

Welcome to Purdue University Northwest! This page is for new benefit eligible staff, their supervisors and department onboarding contacts.

This site explains Purdue Northwest’s approach to onboarding new benefit eligible staff. New hires can access their onboarding training program from this page and supervisors of new hires can access their training for onboarding a new employee from this page.


The New Employee Experience Roadmap

The onboarding program includes six phases that provide experiences for new staff members at critical points in time during their first year. View the roadmap image and the more detailed descriptions below to learn more about the intent and goals of each phase.

Image of the six phases of new employee onboarding program

Pre-boarding: Plan and Prepare

Stage 1 of the roadmap begins prior to hire date. The intent is to support the early success of the new hire by ensuring that the appropriate tools, resources and systems are all set for their arrival. Much of the work done during this phase is completed by Human Resources and the hiring supervisor.

Welcome Week: Accept and Inspire

The purpose of stage 2 of the roadmap is to warmly welcome the new hire to Purdue Northwest. Key connections with coworkers are established and introductions to the mission, vision and culture of PNW is made to provide guidance on getting the new hire started on the right track.

First 30 Days: Affirm and Support

Stage 3 of the roadmap focuses on tasks that advocate for the new hire’s growth and development. Onboarding progress is assessed and check ins are made to ensure support systems are in place. Clarify is provided around roles and responsibilities and expectations are established and performance goals set. Work continues on fostering key relationships for the new hire with others at the University.

First 90 Days: Integrate and Engage

Stage 4 strives to build competence in the job and provide frequent opportunities for open forum discussion. The new hire is supplied with rich feedback loops via mentoring, supervisor coaching and connection to professional cohorts and associations.

6-9 Months: Value and Impact

Stage 5 seeks to advance and accelerate skill development through involvement in key project and departmental growth opportunities. Areas for impact are identified and new hire is equipped to excel in this arena. Involving the new hire in the University community at large and broadening their scope of experience beyond their respective departments is a focus during this time frame.

One Year: Recognize and Celebrate

Stage 6 is celebratory! We evaluate the new hire’s first-year experiences, assess performance and pursue further development of individual goals. We celebrate personal wins, team contributions and recognize the new hire’s role in advancing the mission.

As a new staff employee, you will be assigned a self-paced onboarding training program to complete. You will be able to access the training on your hire date once you have contacted Information Services and have received your Career Account username, password and Purdue Login access.

Most of your onboarding training will be accessible via the Learning Management System in SuccessFactors.

Visit New Employee Onboarding Training

As a supervisor of a new staff employee, there are many things to do to get prepared for your new hire and assist your new hire with getting acclimated and oriented to PNW and their new position. We have prepared a training program just for you! The supervisor program for onboarding a new hire was built to mirror your new employee’s six-stage onboarding roadmap. Let’s begin your journey – click the link to the training course below!

We have also prepared for your convenience a checklist for supervisors that you can use in tandem with the course.  Everything on this checklist is in the course — and the course contains a lot of additional items as well.  Visit this link for the supervisor checklist.

Visit Onboarding Training for Supervisors

Human Resources completes several tasks prior to an employee’s start date and on their first day. We want the department to be familiar with what HR does to help you prepare for your new hire. Anything not on the list below is the responsibility of the department to coordinate. For benefit eligible STAFF new hires, the following are the tasks that HR performs:

Pre Hire Date

  • Prepares and Sends Offer Letter
  • Initiates the Request for Privileges
  • Initiates Background Check and MVR Check
  • Notifies various departments of New Hire (IT, Mailroom, CSSAC, MAPSAC, etc.)
  • Sends hiring supervisor an email with instructions for accessing their New @ PNW Onboarding Course for Supervisors of New Hires
  • Prepares Welcome Message that is revealed to New Hire the first time they log into SuccessFactors
  • Enrolls new hire in the New @ PNW onboarding training program
  • Schedules new hire for their I-9 verification appointment

Day One

  • HR meets with the new hire on the morning of hire date
    • Ensures New Hire Paperwork is completed
    • Completes I-9 Verification
    • Assists employee with Parking application
    • Provides instructions for securing
      • Computer Log In Credentials
      • Email Access
      • PNW ID Card
      • Office Keys
      • Hanging Parking Permit
  • HR Benefits contacts new hire via PNW email to schedule benefit enrollment/orientation meeting

Within the First Couple Months of Hire

  • HR invites the new employee to New Employee Orientation
  • HR invites the new employee to New Supervisor Training (if the new hire supervises others)
  • HR invites the employee to a one on one meeting to learn about Wellness Initiatives and the Healthy Boiler Incentive program

Success Factors Learning Resources


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