SuccessFactors provides employees access to pay statements, the ability to request time off, search open positions and manage performance assessments.

Log In to SuccessFactors

If you are prompted for a company code when logging into SuccessFactors, please use the following (all lower case):  purdueuniv

Purdue Northwest Webclock

Student and temporary employees access Webclock using their mobile device or computer to record hours worked.

 Access Webclock

Time-Keeping Resources

Employees record time in one of three ways:

  1. Purdue Northwest Webclock
    Students and temporary employees access Webclock using their mobile devices or computers to record hours worked.
  2. Positive time entry profile
    Records hours worked each day and submits timesheet weekly
  3. Negative time entry profile
    Do not record time or submit timesheets unless recording time worked that is more than the regular schedule indicates (i.e. overtime or call back)

Employees and supervisors can edit current time and timesheets for the past two pay periods. Please contact your payroll specialist for assistance with retroactive timesheet corrections.

SuccessFactors Guides

All benefit eligible employees request time off through SuccessFactors. Although FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act), Paid Parental Leave, Military or Research leaves can be initiated through the online request, supervisors and employees should meet and plan accordingly.

All employees will access SuccessFactors to view information, such as pay statements, and update personal information. Updates include address, education, bank direct deposit and tax withholding information through the “My Profile” or “Employee Profile” tile.

Supervisors and staff utilize SuccessFactors to enter their performance goals and conduct annual performance assessments.

Review the Step-by-Step Process

  1. Employee – Complete Self Assessment – QRG
  2. Supervisor – Evaluate an Employee’s Performance – QRG
  3. Tips for a Successful Performance Discussion
  4. Employee – Sign and Acknowledge Performance Assessment – QRG
  5. Supervisor or Employee – Set Up Goal Plan

For additional information please visit the Human Resources folder on the shared drive R:\Human Resources.