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Enterprise Applications provides students, faculty and staff with support services that permit easy and secure access to student information.

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Recent Project Highlights

Explore a few recent projects performed by Enterprise Applications (EA) and how each contributes to student access and success at PNW.

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Our Services

The Application Development team provides new or modified software to the Purdue Northwest community, using the Software Development Lifecycle to support new or existing university functions. This service includes code development and documentation along with the testing and implementation to deliver a software product.

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The Application Support team ensures business applications remain operational, providing tools and support for business-process activities and job functions. This includes

  • Acting as a liaison between vendors and the users
  • Escalating issues to vendors
  • Responding to user questions
  • Providing information, emergency support and responses to application availability and restoration

Service also includes responding to “environment” changes (e.g. java, OS, Oracle, security and infrastructure, software/hardware upgrades, assisting with business processes that rely on computer applications, providing vendor-documentation updates and status reports.

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The Business Intelligence team provides applications and data from our enterprise systems to assist with the reporting needs of Purdue University Northwest, including operational, institutional and analytical reporting. The team also provides technical support for reporting applications and manages the data models used for report writing.

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Services include installation of enterprise applications, modification of settings for supported systems, user account setup within these systems and any additional administrative tasks needed to support university applications. This provides the PNW community with approved access to supported systems and applications while ensuring that security best practices are utilized.

  • Installation of enterprise applications is only for specifically supported software (Banner, UniTime, WebLogic applications, Automic, etc.).
  • User-account setup encompasses role creation, assignment and maintenance.

The Enterprise Database Administration team installs, manages and supports databases utilized by enterprise applications at PNW, currently focusing on the Oracle relational database management system. This service includes creating and cloning databases, backup and recovery, monitoring the health of the system, performance tuning, patching Oracle and Banner, code promotion and data fixes.

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The Project Management/Business Analysis team is responsible for management of approved projects that support PNW’s strategic goals and objectives. This includes the prioritization, scoping and scheduling of project resources, understanding business outcomes and requirements, and ensuring the building, testing, documentation and eventual deployment of the service or project are delivered on time, within scope and at or below budget.

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Contact Us

Iona Brinson

Iona Brinson

IT Project Manager and Analyst


(219) 989-3164

Christina Broyles

Christina Broyles



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Justin Dwyer

Senior Application Developer


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Brandon Fetner

Senior Database Administrator

Richard Gambrell

Richard Gambrell

Senior Developer


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Madhuri Kulkarni

Madhuri Kulkarni

Director of Enterprise Applications


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Adam Polomchak

Adam Polomchak

Application Development Manager


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Amy Rasmussen

Lead Application Developer


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Akshar Shastri

Senior Application Developer


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Gregory Turmel

Senior Database Engineer