Annual Review 2022-2023

PNW's IS's impact stretches across the University, providing thousands with tech support, ensuring wireless connections between all campus locations, and supplying resources to work digitally.

2022-2023 Highlights

76 database upgrades and patches

2nd IS Scavenger Hunt for students using the PNW Mobile app

8 publications, presentations and articles

40 enterprise-wide application projects completed

100+ faculty & staff participants in the 2nd PNW eConference

517 updated/optimized enterprise-wide software

420 Computers replaced

2 diversity and inclusion educational opportunities promoted

Customer Service Center

Whether you’re on or off campus, the CSC Help Desk is available to help with anything tech-related from resetting your password to helping you set up your new device.  Need to know more about PNW’s web conferencing tools, storage capabilities, classroom technology or computer labs? We’ve got you covered.

Two students sit at a table. They are both looking at laptops.

  • 7,209 phone calls answered
  • 875 virtual helpdesk contacts
  • 19,007 tickets created
  • 1,872 emails answered
  • 1,977 walkup contacts

Office of Instructional Technology

Whether student, faculty, or staff, the OIT provides solutions to enhance instruction and increase efficiencies for student learning and success. From Brightspace course management and design, screen recording tools, to leveraging survey tools for your office, OIT is here to help you pair the technology to obtain your goals.

Trainings Conducted

  • 6,285 Student Training Course Impact
  • 360 Faculty/Staff Training Course Impact

Help Desk Support

  • 2,000+ On demand 1-1 Consultations

Tested & Implemented

  • 120 Updates
  • 52 New Features to Brightspace

University Library

From databases to library guides, we can help you find the resources you need.

Three students sit at a table in the library. They are all reading books.

71 In-Person Sessions

  • 1,651 Participants

73 Online sessions

  • 1,650 Participants

239 Reference Consultations

  • 509 Participants

1,370 Libchat

  • 12 Archive Projects
  • 152 Embedded Class Courses

33 Databases Added

Welcome to Your Virtual Office

The transition to remote has required effective, easy-to-use technologies, and PNW has provided the tools to make this happen.

Zoom Statistics

  • 544,604 Zoom meetings
  • 2,737,337 participants in Zoom meetings
  • 119,812,983 minutes of Zoom meetings
  • 23,139 active Zoom users
  • 1,814 Zoom meetings by one user
  • October 2022 was the busiest month in Zoom
  •  54,091 meetings

Countries calling into Zoom Meetings:

  1. United States
  2. India
  3. China
  4. Ghana
  5. Nigeria

Connecting PNW Today and Tomorrow

Research, virtual instruction, web conferencing, email, instant messaging – our network is essential to almost everything we do at PNW.

  • 735 average daily wireless devices
  • 646 Mbps average monthly internet traffic
  • 2,079 peak wireless devices
  • 2.30 Gbps peak monthly internet traffic
  • 785 wireless access points

The Increasingly Digital Workplace

Innovative tools powered by IS solutions and staff have been making an impact for years at PNW, and even more so with the sudden switch to remote. Official documents can be signed. Millions of files can be stored.  Cloud-based platforms allow for easy collaboration. And it can all be done digitally.

IS has:

  • 14,456 admissions applications processed
  • 595,805 student registration activity/transactions
  • 25, 463 documents indexed in the Banner document management platform
  • 13,819 Cognos reports processed
  • Centrally managed computers
    • 3,761 Windows
    • 222 macOS
    • 86 iOS

Staying Connected in the Cloud

PNW’s official email system offers students, staff, and faculty a quick and secure way to communicate, and cloud capabilities provide the necessary tools for learning and collaboration.

  • 158,570 PNW email messages handled
  • 120,280 Spam filtered per day
  • 10,940 PNW email accounts
  • 48.3 TB total size of all emails in the PNW email environment
  • Unlimited email storage