Administrative Rights Procedure

Administrative access may be requested on a per-user basis.  Requests will only be granted when there is a proven business need for elevated access.

To improve campus security, administrative access to local systems will be limited. Installation of software and hardware that make changes to the underlying operating system will require the assistance of the Customer Service Center.

These security changes will assure the highest level of stability for your Purdue Northwest-owned computer. This will also help with the overall security of our University’s network, which includes sensitive data.

Requesting Elevated Access

Users with a business need for elevated access should complete the administrative rights request form.

Approval Process

  • A user completes the administrative rights request form from the link above.
  • The Information Security Services team will review the request and follow-up if any additional information is required.
  • ISS will approve or deny the request based on the information provided and any communication with the user. If denied, the user will be notified by email. (Users can appeal a denial by responding to the notification email sent by ISS.)
  • If approved, the Customer Service Center (CSC) will receive a copy of the request form and a ticket will be created.
  • The CSC will make the necessary changes to grant administrative rights.
  • The Operations Team will review and approve the changes to ensure no errors are present.
  • The user will be then be contacted by the CSC to inform that the request has been completed.

Please note: this form will NOT need to be filled out if the user receives a new workstation.