Requests for Software Changes

Before software can be added to any computer lab, it must be properly tested to ensure that it does not conflict with currently installed software.  The following guidelines were created to provide users with a clear and consistent means of requesting software.

Request Window

To provide the necessary time to test and deploy new software, the following schedule will be enforced.  All software requests must be submitted and approved for installation at least three weeks before the first day of classes for the Fall Semester or the Spring Semester.

Software Conflicts

In Information Services Labs, also known as Tier 1 and Tier 2 labs, any software that conflicts with or impacts currently installed software will be not be installed until the conflict can be resolved.

In wholly departmentally operated labs, also known as Tier 3 labs, the decision to remove a software package that conflicts with another will be left to the department.

Software License

Before software is installed on any computer, a license must be provided to show that the number of copies purchased is sufficient to cover the requested installation and is valid for the installation type.

Other Requests

All requests that are not submitted during the open submission window will be reviewed and approved by the Director of the Customer Service Center.  We will do everything we can to complete approved emergency requests, when and if it is possible.

Request Creation and Processing

To submit a request to add software to a computer lab, please submit a ticket using Footprints.

The ticket must be filled out correctly and submitted to the appropriate Lab Technician for approval during the request window.

The Lab Technician approves or denies the request accordingly.  If the request must be denied, the Lab Technician will contact you through the Footprints ticket and provide the reason the request was denied.

If the request is approved, the software will be deployed per a mutually agreed upon schedule for the lab.