Kaltura for Students

See how to screen record using Kaltura for classroom assignments, projects and more.

Supported on both Windows and Mac (not Chromebooks), Kaltura Personal Capture (also called Kaltura Desktop Recorder) has a simple user interface, requiring only one click to record.

You can also record two camera inputs at once, two screens or a camera and a screen. Kaltura Personal Capture automatically uploads new videos into the Kaltura Mediaspace video portal or in Brightspace.

Getting Started

Submitting to Brightspace

Editing Options

To view your video in your My Media page. Log into Brightspace and choose My Media. You should see your videos listed in order by date recorded. Any video may be viewed by clicking on it.

To access video settings in order to rename a video, add collaborators or open the video editor, click on the pencil above the video you wish to edit.

To change the name of your video, click on the “Details” tab on the video settings page and typing in a new name in the name field. You can also add a more detailed description and tags to your video.

You can download your video by clicking on the box with the down arrow in it on your video timeline. You can also click the “Download” tab on the video settings page and choose the quality video you wish to download and then click save.

To access the video editor, click the Launch Editor button on the video settings page.

To snip the beginning of your video, play the video until to the point where you wish the video to begin. Then press the “set in” button. You can also click to any point in the video if you know the time stamp you wish to begin your video at and press the set in button.

To cut out a section from the middle of your video, click on the beginning of the portion you wish to cut out in the timeline below the video. Next, click on the scissors icon to trip the video. This will split your video into two pieces.

Next, click on where you want the cut to end and click on the scissors to make a second cut. This will split your video into three pieces:

Next, click anywhere within the piece you wish to cut out and then press the “delete” key on your keyboard. This will remove the section.

Once you’ve removed the portion of the video you wish to cut out, click the “Save a Copy” button. This will save your edits as a new video. This preserves your unedited video, just in case you aren’t happy with the changes you’ve made.

You can add a professional touch to your videos by fading the audio in and out of your video. To access this feature, click on the fade in/out button in the video editor:

Next, type in the number of seconds you would like the audio to fade in or out. You can preview your choice by pressing the play button.

If you have changed settings in the video settings screen, they will save automatically. To save editing changes made in the video editor, press the “Save a Copy” button. This will create a copy of the video with all of your edits.