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Using LockDown Browser/Monitor for a Brightspace quiz?

Enable LockDown Browser/Monitor tool to prevent students navigating outside of the Brightspace assessment during testing time.

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How do I use Respondus 4.0?

The Respondus 4.0 tool is an exam-creation and testing tool that can be used to import/export assessments to and from Brightspace.

  • Work ‘offline’ while editing and organizing your test or upload it immediately
  • Convert a pre-made assessment from Microsoft Word or construct a new test in Respondus to upload seamlessly to Brightspace.
  • Grab and export Brightspace quizzes to easily transfer to paper assessments.
  • NOTE: Respondus does not work on Macs.

Download Respondus 4.0

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LockDown Browser & Monitor

View student resources

LockDown Browser & Monitor