The Scantron is a quick way to automatically grade multiple choice and True/False type tests. The scantron also provides numerous reports for your test. This includes grade distribution reports, item analysis reports, and individual student test reports just to mention a few.

Before You Score Results:

In order to use the Scantron, students must use a Score Sheet to mark their answers. In addition, Instructors will need to fill out a Score Sheet with the correct answers to use a scoring key. Instructors can use up to four versions of the same test by using a separate scoring key for each version as well as marking the correct Test Form version, A-D. Additionally, when using multiple versions, students will need to mark the Test Form version as well.

Self-Service Scoring:

To score your tests, stop by the Hammond Library in SULB or the Westville Library in the LSF building. Instructions for scoring are provided in a binder next to each machine.