The Scantron is a quick way to automatically grade multiple choice and True/False type tests. The scantron also provides numerous reports for your test. This includes grade distribution reports, item analysis reports, and individual student test reports just to mention a few.

COVID-19 Update

In order to adhere to CDC guidelines and those set forth by the Safe Return to Campus Task Force, it is of utmost importance that the Scantron station be disinfected prior to arrival and at the conclusion of your usage.  Anyone needing to use the machine MUST schedule an appointment. This new procedure will also ensure assistance will be available for any technical issues you may encounter. It is our hope that, by setting up appointments for the Scantron, we will be able to keep you safe and supported during this time.

Need to schedule an appointment? Call the CSC at 219.989.2888 or email Appointments are available Monday-Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm. You are also expected to review and adhere to our Safe Appointment Procedure.

Interested in an alternative to the Scantron? Contact OIT at or by their Virtual HelpDesk password: 985311.

*Last updated October 2020. 

Before You Score Results:

In order to use the Scantron, students must use a Score Sheet to mark their answers. In addition, Instructors will need to fill out a Score Sheet with the correct answers to use a scoring key. Instructors can use up to four versions of the same test by using a separate scoring key for each version as well as marking the correct Test Form version, A-D. Additionally, when using multiple versions, students will need to mark the Test Form version as well.

Self-Service Scoring:

To score your tests, stop by the Hammond Library in SULB or the Westville Library in the LSF building. Instructions for scoring are provided in a binder next to each machine.