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Current status of PNW Information Services systems and services.

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Scheduled Maintenance

(see: “When are the PNW Information Services Maintenance Windows?“)

The Central Desktop team will be moving the Jamf Connect Azure app to the Purdue central tenant for authenticating users on a Mac.

Users might get a pop-up from Jamf Connect to sign back in or might receive an error stating that signing in with does not work. They will need to sign in using on the Jamf Connect pop-up and Jamf Connect login window moving forward.

Start: 10:00 am, Friday, 07/12/2024

End:   10:30 pm, Friday, 07/12/2024

Facilities will be shutting the power off to the north campus at Hammond this Sunday 7/14 to allow NIPSCO to perform maintenance on their equipment. The North campus includes Gyte, Potter, Powers, CLO, Anderson, CHC, and UNSV. Due to the power being off at the Central Heating and Cooling (CHC) facility there will not be any cooling available for any building north of 173rd street. The outage will start at approximately 6:30 am and should conclude by 5pm. If you have an office in any of the North campus buildings you will not be able to access your computer remotely during these hours. All other buildings not listed as North campus will have power all day on Sunday. All buildings south of 173rd will have Air Conditioning available. We will set up auxiliary power for equipment in the Gyte. If you have added any new items to the list of equipment, please reply to me and we will ensure we have you on the list. If you have an office on the North campus, please shut down all computers and related equipment when you leave for the day on Friday.

Start: 06:30 am, Sunday, 07/14/2024

End:   5:00 pm, Sunday, 07/14/2024

Technicians will be updating the network configuration on various enterprise application servers.

The following PNW services may experience brief and intermittent outage during this maintenance:

Degree Works

Start: 5:00pm, Saturday, 07/13/2024

End:   9:00pm, Saturday, 07/13/2024

Technicians will be patching the servers responsible for DegreeWorks, which will be unavailable during the below maintenance window.

Start: 6:00am, Friday, 07/19/2024
End: 11:00pm, Saturday, 07/20/2024

Networking will be installing updates for the wireless networks on both campuses.

No impact is expected as one node will be updated at a time, only impacting redundancy.

Start: 5:00 pm, Saturday, 07/13/2024

End: 12:00 am, Sunday, 07/14/2024

Recent Resolved Issues (30 Days)

Networking technicians reported a network outage in Gabis Arboretum, which appeared to be an external vendor issue. Devices in Gabis had no network connection. Issue resolved by Comcast.

Start: 6:11pm, Sunday, 06/30/2024
End: 7:30pm, Sunday, 06/30/2024

Technicians updated the AutoDesk license during the below maintenance period. If an AutoDesk program (i.e. AutoCAD, Inventor, Civil 3D) was opened during the maintenance, users may have seen a licensing error, which would be resolved by waiting until after the maintenance was complete. The new license allows the current (2024) and new (2025) versions of AutoDesk. Older versions need to be upgraded, please contact the CSC for assistance.

Start: 10:00am, Friday, 06/28/2024
End: 10:05am, Friday, 06/28/2024

Technicians reported a network outage affecting the Westville campus. Users may have been unable to access external networks while in Westville. Root cause is still being investigated but network has been restored.

Start: 7:45pm, Thursday, 06/27/2024
End: 8:45pm, Thursday, 06/27/2024

The Pride ID (mobile student ID) is displaying an incorrect PUID and barcode. There should be two zeros in front of the ID number, and those zeros have been removed. Administrators are aware of the issue and are investigating. Scanning the barcode will not function properly until this issue is resolved. As a workaround, the PUID number can be manually entered into checkin systems across campus (including at dining services, FNRC, Libraries, etc.) including the two leading zeros.

Start: Tuesday, 04/02/2024
End: Tuesday, 06/25/2024

Networking will be working with a vendor to complete necessary repairs on fiber on the Hammond campus. Due to the fragility of the fiber, a short 5-10 minute outage is expected at the beginning of the maintenance while networking connects redundant connections and the vendor begins work.

The following buildings will be impacted by this work:

-Dorms (Peregrine & Griffin)
-Challenger Learning Center

Start: 11:00am, Tuesday, 06/25/2024

End: 3:00pm, Tuesday, 06/25/2024

Technicians will be upgrading PaperCut to the current version during the below maintenance period. Users may be unable to print or connect to networked printers until the upgrade is complete.

Start: 5:00pm, 06/22/2024
End: 7:00pm, 06/22/2024

Users have reported issues connecting to the Eduroam WiFi in the Westville campus. Technicians are aware and investigating. Wired network appears to be unaffected.

Start: 8:30am, Monday, 06/17/2024
End: 10:22am, Monday 06/17/24

Enterprise Applications will be updating the Banner database during the below maintenance period. Banner will be unavailable during the update.

Start: 7:00am, Saturday, 06/15/2024
End: 8:00am, Saturday, 06/15/2024

Users reported that the Banner Application Navigator was not loading properly. After signing in, it either loaded indefinitely or gave a “Service Invocation Failed” error, depending on which web browser was used. Technicians reported it resolved as of 8:30.

Start: 7:30am, Thursday, 06/13/2024
End: 8:30am, Thursday, 06/13/2024

Networking will take down the backup internet circuits for PNW Hammond and Westville. The primary internet circuits will stay online.

There should be no impact to services.


Start: 11:00pm, Wednesday, 06/12/2024

End: 4:00am, Thursday, 06/13/2024

Networking will make a  number of routing changes between PNW HMD/WST and the PNW PSC networks. These routing changes will cause traffic between the PSC and PNW to flow directly through HMD rather than through PWL. This change is being made for more efficient communication.

Westville to PSC traffic will experience a momentary disruption as they make routing changes towards the end.

Start: 11:00pm, Tuesday, 06/11/2024

End: 4:00am, Wednesday, 06/12/2024

Networking will be replacing equipment in LAWS. During this time, all networking services (Wired, Wi-Fi, and VoIP phones) will be unavailable or intermittent in this building while the router is replaced.

Start: 8:00pm, Monday, 06/10/2024

End: 12:00am, Tuesday, 06/11/2024

Networking will be replacing equipment in GYTE. During this time, all networking services (Wired, Wi-Fi, and VoIP phones) will be unavailable or intermittent in this building while the router is replaced.

Start: 8:00pm, Wednesday, 06/05/2024

End: 12:00am, Thursday, 06/06/2024

Printers with the PaperCut embedded application are experiencing a print release issue when attempting to sign in, using either a card swipe or username/password. We are currently working on resolving the issue.

This does not impact printing via mobile print release.

Start: 8:00 am, Monday, 06/03/2024

End: 10:00 am, Monday, 06/04/2024

Networking will be replacing equipment in SULB. During this time, all networking services (Wired, Wi-Fi, and VoIP phones) will be unavailable or intermittent in this building while the router is replaced.

Start: 8:00pm, Monday, 06/03/2024

End: 12:00am, Thursday, 06/04/2024

Some shared services housed at Purdue West Lafayette may also be affected by issues. Please visit the Purdue IT Status Page for more information.

Purdue IT Status

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