Faculty and Staff Recording Tools

Kaltura Classroom Capture

Easily start and stop Kaltura recordings from classrooms in Hammond and Westville.


How to use Kaltura Classroom Capture

Kaltura Personal Capture

Supported on both Windows and Mac (not Chromebooks), Kaltura Personal Capture (also called Kaltura Desktop Recorder) has a simple user interface, requiring only one click to record.

You can also record two camera inputs at once, two screens or a camera and a screen. Kaltura Personal Capture automatically uploads new videos into Brightspace for sharing with your class. Refer to these resources to get started.

Once your Video is Recorded–Resources

The Video Express room is a professional recording studio located in LSF 253 that allows faculty and staff to record high-quality videos with captions with 100% accuracy.

Get all your questions answered about this room by viewing the following resources:

Email CSC@pnw.edu to schedule an appointment.

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