From enrollment figures to student-body diversity, we provide centralized, conformed, consistent, and clear information about Purdue University Northwest.

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Fact Book

Maintained by the Office of Institutional Research, PNW’s interactive fact book is a collection of campus metrics and information designed for public use.

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Compliance Reporting

Purdue University Northwest engages in external and internal compliance reporting in accordance with the requirements of national, state, regional, and local governance administrators and accrediting bodies. These activities assure students, parents, members of the public, and community partners that the university is an effective provider of high quality educational programs and services.

Annual Security Report

Copies of this report are made available to faculty, staff and students before October 1st of each fall semester and may be obtained by contacting the Purdue University Northwest Police Department. If you need an accessible electronic version of any of these reports, please contact PNW Police.

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Other Reports

Other reports are available through the Cognos Tab in the myPNW Portal


Keeping data safe and secure is a part of Indiana law. Cognos is designed as a secure environment for viewing data.

If data must be extracted, take proper precautions to secure it.

  • Do not save sensitive data on your PC (usually C: drive) or removable drives (flash drives, external hard drives).
  • Do not email extracted data with identifiable student information.
  • If you must save the output, be sure to save it to a network drive or other secured location.

Refer to the university data classification requirement for appropriate handling of sensitive data. You must also complete data handling, FERPA, GLBA, HIPPA, and Protecting SSN certifications if you will be viewing or running reporting in Cognos.