Strategic Enrollment Growth and Student Success

The long-term strength of our institution correlates to the success of our students and graduates. Purdue Northwest will build on its academic culture and support structures, focusing on degree attainment and post-graduate success, by using a multifaceted, data-informed approach.

Through increased financial support, the development of new programs, and the use of predictive analytics, PNW will reach specific, targeted populations of students, and staff across campus will collaborate to maximize the available tools and resources to help students succeed.

Goal One: Increase Enrollment and Student Retention Through Increased Levels of Student Scholarships, Assistantships, and Research Funding

  • Strategy: Develop an analysis of scholarships to effectively leverage financial aid and scholarship funding opportunities.
  • Strategy: Nurture and expand funding partnerships with stakeholders (industry, corporations, government, and community-based organizations) to support recruitment and retention of students with assistance that includes merit-based and unrestricted scholarships.
  • Strategy: Promote faculty grant applications that include student participation, allowing students to expand their education and resources
  • Strategy: Increase funding for graduate and undergraduate research

Goal 2: Improve the level of student success by increasing retention and graduation rates

  • Strategy: Establish retention and graduation rate targets aimed at reducing equity gaps.
  • Strategy: Develop and implement evidence-based interventions to promote student success in high DFW courses. Employ faculty input and accountability in the design and implementation and provide appropriate resources to support faculty development to ensure s successful interventions.
  • Strategy: Develop early-warning systems for identifying at-risk students, particularly in their first year, and design strategies to support their persistence and success.
  • Strategy: Develop, assess, and document content in first-year programs to help students learn how to be successful in college and find their appropriate academic path.

Goal 3: Optimize Enrollment

  • Strategy: Create and execute a comprehensive Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Plan.
  • Strategy: Increase graduate enrollments to meet regional demand through development and promotion of accelerated bachelor’s-to-master’s programs (4+1 programs), professional master’s degrees, and professional doctoral programs.
  • Strategy: Increase enrollment and student success through transfer and program articulation opportunities
  • Strategy: Build graduation pathway partnerships with middle schools and high schools.
  • Strategy: Increase efforts to use dual credit/concurrent enrollment provided by PNW as a recruitment strategy