Athletics Brand Guidelines

PNW’s pride brand perfectly describes the student athletes, coaches, staff members, and faculty it represents: with strength, respect, toughness, and determination.

The success of our integrated marketing program—which includes everything from advertising and publications to signage and uniforms—depends on faithful adherence to these standards. With your help, we can build name recognition as an excellent collegiate program and advance our mission as a university.

PNW Athletic Logos

The PNW athletics brand identity is summed up in our official logos. To properly represent PNW pride and differentiate the university, it’s essential to follow official guidelines on logo sizes, placement and integrity.

Athletics logos are intended for use only by the Purdue Northwest Athletics department.

To ensure clear reproduction and legibility, PNW athletics marks must not be used any smaller than the sizes shown unless prior permission is received. Larger use is preferred.

PNW Athletics Logos: Safe Zones

To maintain the mark’s integrity and avoid visual confusion, each of the PNW athletics logos has an established safe zone equal to one-sixth of the overall height of the mark. No other type or graphic element (including folds, trims or edges) should fall within the safe zone shown.

Download PNW Logos

These marks were designed to create a consistent brand for PNW athletics and should not be changed or altered in any way.

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The official colors of Purdue University Northwest athletics

Primary Palette

Black and PNW Campus Gold are the official colors for Purdue University Northwest athletics. It is very important to match these colors faithfully when reproducing the athletics marks. They should be used in the full color version whenever possible.

Note: It is important to remember that the gold used by the department of athletics does not match the institutional gold. When using the athletics brand, be sure to use PNW Athletic Gold (Pantone 7502c).

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