Merchandise and Apparel

Colleges, departments and campus units that produce merchandise or apparel in promotion of themselves need to follow the guidance below to ensure they meet brand guidelines and continue to advance the university.

Campus units must always use a university-licensed vendor for all promotional items and apparel. To obtain a list of licensed vendors, contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Students in PNW housing

  • All apparel and promotional items must be in a primary brand color: gold, black, gray or white. Shades of these colors are allowed
  • Purdue University Northwest logo or co-brand
  • Power Onward graphic or verbiage in a brand font
  • Brand fonts must be used on all merchandise and promotional items

See Brand Guidelines

  • Use of athletics logos or athletics font, without express permission from Marketing and Communications
  • Non-branded slogans
  • Unique icons or graphics are reserved for limited applications with approval from Marketing and Communications
  • Alternative representations of lions
  • University Seal