Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your partnership in maintaining PNW’s website! Below you will find some answers to frequently asked questions from web editors.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please submit a web-edit request!

Go to Click the “use one-click authentication” link. Enter your PNW email address into the Google login page. This will prompt you to enter your BoilerKey credentials, after which you will arrive at your site’s dashboard.

See the Full “Getting Started” Guide

If you run into an issue while making edits, PNW’s web team is happy to help. Your best approach is typically to submit a web-edit request on the Marketing and Communications website—these go directly into our project-management system and are easier to track than email.

Web editors looking to create a news or events listings should create a draft on the main site. Creating news and events on the main site level lets us distribute these items across the site: to faculty pages, to related subsites and possibly even to the homepage.

Web editors can request special permission to create news and events listings on their sites. These exceptions are most appropriate for the following cases:

  • If your site publishes frequent, specialized updates, we recommend publishing these items as posts on your site. Examples include Information Services tips and alerts or CIVS news briefs.
  • Similarly, if your site has frequent events targeting a specialized audience (e.g., the Center for Faculty Excellence or Faculty Senate), we recommend publishing these as events on your site.

Not sure how to proceed? Feel free to contact us for guidance.

To promote a streamlined site map and a focused user experience, creating new pages has been designated a responsibility of PNW’s web team under our revised governance policy. If you’re looking to add pages to your site, please submit a web edit request.

As PNW’s web governance notes, web editors are responsible for “Ensuring all content, including text, photo, videos and PDFs, whether posted themselves or with the assistance of other editors, is in accordance with the governance guidelines and ADA compliance/web accessibility.”

mStoner’s content workshop offers a good overview of web accessibility, including hierarchical headers, accessible PDFs, alt text for images and more. Information Services’ Office of Learning Technology is your go-to resource for document accessibility questions.

We encourage you to be active in reviewing your site content. In particular, PNW’s website governance outlines a review process that includes, at minimum, a monthly review of your landing page to ensure that content there is up to date, and a more robust review every six months to identify outdated, broken or underperforming content that can be improved or removed.

If you only see one row of toolbar buttons, please click the Toggle Toolbar button (second from the end) to expose the second row of buttons. You should only need to do this once.

The featured image on a Post is flexible and it is acceptable to use a landscape, portrait or square image. Please make sure the shorter of the two sides of the image is at least 350 pixels.