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Academic advising is a collaborative process where you and your advisors are partners in ensuring your academic success.

Bill Baginski, M.B.A.

Engineering Career Advisor & Internship Coordinator

(219) 989-4122

Hammond Campus, GYTE 171B

Patrick Leser

Academic Advisor

(219) 989-2250

Hammond Campus, GYTE 171D

JC White

Academic Advisor

(219) 785-5582

Westville Campus, LSF 221

Explore Scholarships

The department offers three undergraduate scholarships:

  • Clark Memorial Scholarship, awarded each year to a distinguished undergraduate or incoming student.
  • Thompson Endowed Scholarship, awarded to a distinguished student who plans to pursue graduate study.
  • Department of MSCS Scholarship, awarded to a distinguished undergraduate student.

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Interested in Research?

These faculty that have led undergraduate research or independent study projects.

  • Gokarna R. Aryal: Applied Statistics
  • Anthony Elmendorf: Category Theory, Algebraic Topology
  • Grethe Hystad: Statistics applied to mineral evolution and mineral ecology
  • Roger L Kraft: Computer Graphics, Computer Algebra Systems
  • Nicolae Tarfulea: Differential Equations
  • Nicoleta E. Tarfulea: Differential Equations and Mathematical Biology
  • Peter Turbek: Algebra and Computer Algebra Systems
  • Shuhui Yang: Secure Wireless Communication
  • Ruijian Zhang: Machine Learning
  • Hairong Zhao: Scheduling Algorithms

Put Your Skills to Work

Qualified students can apply for paid work as tutors as supplemental instructors.

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