A healthy Indiana needs healthy communities, and it needs health care professionals located in all areas of the state, from urban cities to rural neighborhoods, prepared to help educate citizens about health issues and to provide quality service.

AHECs play an important role in providing communities with health care professionals prepared to meet their needs. Below are links to additional resources.

Educational Teaching Models

NWI AHEC has teaching models and instructional resources available for faculty and students to borrow. The following is a complete list of items available. Please complete a request form. Email for any additional questions.

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Breast Simulator
Skin Cancer Model
Testicular Model

Clean/Dirty Mouth
Oral Hygiene Model and Toothbrush

Artery Model
Artery & Plaque Mini Model
Consequences of Diabetes
Diabetic Foot Demonstration
Diabetic Injection Kit Demonstration
Effects of Diabetes
Mini A1C Test

Drugs & Alcohol
Drug Identification Guide
Drunk and Dangerous Glasses
Meth Mouth
Medicine Cabinet or Candy Box

Facts Against Sweetened Drinks
Fat Content Tubes
Salt Content Tubes
Sugar Content Tubes

Sex Education
STD Roulette
Condom Demonstration Model

Shaken Baby Syndrome
Shaken Baby Simulator

Cause of Death
E-Cigarettes & Vaping Education 3D Display
Lou Wheez
Mr. Gross Mouth
Mr. Dip Lip
SpinSmart Tobacco Wheel

Blood Pressure Cuff
Glo-Germ Handwashing Kit
Glo-Germ Kit
Multicultural Health Career Puppets
Swab Test Training Model

Career Exploration

Students post with career materialsMany students are unsure of what they want to do or the careers they want to pursue. The sites listed below may be helpful in making these important decisions.

Information provided on these sites contain job descriptions, amount of education or training required, and average salaries. Some include video clips of practitioners sharing knowledge about their careers. Others offer interactive components and interest inventories to identify careers based on personality traits.


The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. offers more than 90 scholarships annually to students enrolled in occupational therapy programs at all levels. All recipients must be currently enrolled full-time in an occupational therapy educational program and must be an AOTA member.

See AOTA Scholarships

American Respiratory Care Foundation education recognition awards are based on merit, and are subject to meeting criteria.

  • Jimmy A. Young Memorial preference is given to applicants of minority origin
  • NBRC/AMP William W. Burgin, Jr., MD award is for second year students enrolled in a respiratory therapy program leading to an Associate Degree.
  • NBRC/AMP Robert M. Lawrence, MD award is for third and fourth year students enrolled in a Baccalaureate respiratory therapy program.

Explore ARCF Scholarships

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