Aaron R. Warren, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Physics

Director of the Science Interdisciplinary Research Center (SIRC)

Aaron Warren


Aaron R. Warren is an associate professor of physics in the department of chemistry and physics. His research focus is in physics education, with additional interests in computational astrophysics.

Research Overview

Warren’s physics education research develops strategies to help students acquire more expert-like attitudes and understandings of physics. Most recently, he’s examined the use of Bayesian updating to impact student epistemologies. His work in astrophysics includes PNW student researchers and focuses on simulating binary neutron star mergers to improve our models of gravitational waves and mass ejecta.

I chose physics because the adaptability and beauty that comes with learning the deepest truths of reality make physics not just a way to a fulfilling career, but to a fulfilling life.

Select Publications

Karelina, A., Etkina, E., Bohacek, P., Vonk, M., Kagan, M., Warren, A.R., Brookes, D. “Comparing students’ flow states during apparatus-based versus video-based lab activities,” European Journal of Physics 43 (4), 045701 (2022).

Warren, A.R., “Impact of Bayesian updating activities on student epistemologies,” Physical Review – PER, vol. 16, 010101 (2020).

Warren, A.R., “Quantitative Critical Thinking: Student activities using Bayesian updating,” American Journal of Physics, vol. 86 (5), pp.368-380 (2018).

Warren, A.R., “The K-theoretic formulation of D-brane Aharanov-Bohm phases,” Advances in High Energy Physics, 920486 (2012).

Warren, A.R., “Impact of teaching students to use evaluation strategies,” Physical Review – ST PER, vol. 6, 020103 (2010).

Teaching Focus

Warren’s teaching focuses on engaging students and helping them become independent learners while mastering the subject matter. He tries to contextualize the material to help students appreciate its value and relation to a wide range of courses and practical applications. Above all, he tries to listen and coach his students to push themselves and enjoy the challenge of learning physics and astronomy.

Previous Roles

Director of the PNW Science Interdisciplinary Research Center (SIRC), 2019 – Present

PNC Physics Lab Coordinator, 2007 – 2016

PNC Physics Dual Credit Liaison, 2009 – 2016

Faculty Advisor, PNC Astronomy Club, 2011-2016

Aaron Warren


(219) 785-5659


Office Location:

Westville Campus, SWRZ 309


  • Ph.D. – Physics, Rutgers University
  • B.A. – Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy, Vassar College

Areas of Expertise

  • Physics Education Research
  • Computational Astrophysics
  • Mathematical Physics

Credentials, Accreditations & Awards

  • 2018, PNW Teaching Incentive Award
  • 2012, PNC Club Advisor of the Year
  • 2009, PNC Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award
  • 2006, Rutgers University Outstanding Teaching Award
  • 2000, NSF Graduate Fellowship (Hon. Mention, High Energy Theory)
  • 2000, Phi Beta Kappa
  • 1999, Goldwater Scholar

Curriculum Vitae