Afshin Zahraee, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Construction Engineering & Management Technology

Afshin Zahraee


I am a tenure-track assistant professor focusing on course improvement and development to foster students learning. My research is in structural health monitoring and condition assessment.

Research Overview

My research covers the areas of structural health monitoring, namely in that of condition assessment of various structures such as bridges and wind turbines. The impact of structural health monitoring is boundless and with emerging technology it is important to tap the potential of this field in different structural and mechanical applications.

I am a sports enthusiast and have a second passion (to teaching/engineering) in writing and podcasting about various sports; mainly soccer. I sometimes travel to different cities to see my favorite teams.

Teaching Focus

My teaching focus is to spread knowledge and encourage learning. Spreading knowledge is done by engaging students, challenging them and being challenged by them. My aim is to aid students in developing passion to explore the theory, research, and practice of both Construction and Mechanical Engineering Technology. I mainly cover Mechanics, Structures, CAD/Simulation, and Finite Element Analysis.

Previous Roles

Visiting Professor at PNW Limited-Term Lecturer at PNW

Afshin Zahraee, assistant professor, Mechanical Engineering Technology (left) and Ran Zhou, assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering examine a miniature tensile testing machine for 3D printed parts and specimen for potential use in Remote Knowledge Labs.

Lionhearted Leaders: Afshin Zahraee

Afshin Zahraee commits to looking at the glass half-full as he encourages his students to think and act positively.

Meet Professor Zahraee

Afshin Zahraee


(219) 785-5522

Office Location:

Westville, Technology Building, Room 279


  • Ph.D. – Civil Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • M.S. – Civil/Structural Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • B.S. – Civil Engineering, Purdue University

Areas of Expertise

  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Condition Assessment
  • Life Prediction Fatigue Assessment

Credentials, Accreditations & Awards

  • Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honors Society
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • American Society of Engineering Education
  • ASCE IIT Teaching Assistant of the Year, 2015-16
  • ASCE IIT Teaching Assistant of the Year, 2016-17

Curriculum Vitae