Amlan Mitra, Ph.D.

Professor of Business Economics

Amlan Mitra


Dr. Amlan Mitra is a Professor of Business Economics. His research focuses on economic impact analysis, public policy, transportation and economic development.

Research Overview

Interests: Economic Analysis; Public Finance; Transportation & Economic Development. Grants/Projects:

1) Housing Affordability & Income Mobility

2) Visualization/Simulation to Improve Measurements of Economics Impacts of Transportation Network Systems.

3) Estimation of Economic Impacts of Freight Disruptions

4) Economic Impacts of the TDL Industry

I enjoy cooking and travel!

Select Publications

Mitra (2016). “A Theoretical Foundation for Group and Individual Lending Practices in Microfinance,” Proceedings of ACE 2016 International Conference – Actual Economy, Asian Discourse on Global Challenges, October 2016.

Mitra, A. (2016). “Optimal Strategies for Group and Individual Lending in Microfinance,” Proceedings of Society of Interdisciplinary Business Research, Volume 5, Issue 4 (September), ISSN 2223-5078.

Mesa-Arango, R., Zhan, X., Ukkusuri, S. V., Mitra, A. (2016). Direct Transportation Economic Impacts of Highway Networks Disruptions Using Public Data from the United States. Journal of Transportation Safety and Security, Volume 8, No 1., pp. 36-55.

Mitra, A, Rodrigo Mesa-Arango, Xianyuan Zhan, Satish Ukkusuri (2015). “Economic Impacts of Freight Disruptions Due to Flood Related Highway Closures Using an Integrated Traffic Network Equilibrium and Regional Economic Impact Methodology, “ Proceedings of the 56th International Transportation Research Forum, Atlanta, Georgia, March 13 – 14, 2015.

Mitra, Amlan (2014). “A Mathematical Optimization Model of Decentralization of Local Governments,” International Economics and Finance Journal, Vol. 9, #1, Jan-June, 2014.

Mitra, Amlan (2014). “Challenges to Sustainable Economic Development,” Indian Journal of Economics and Business, Volume 13, No. 2, pp. 265-288.

Mitra, Amlan (2013). “Estimating the Economic Impacts of Disruptions of Movements of Commodities:A Supply Chain Case Study,” 2013 Proceedings of IBEA International Conference on Business, Economics, and Accounting, Bangkok, Thailand.

Teaching Focus

  • ECON 31100: Environmental Economics
  • ECON 32200: Public Finance & Policy
  • ECON 36000: Econometrics
  • ECON 36200: Health Economics
  • ECON 41900: Managerial Economics
  • ECON 46200: Economics of Health Care
  • ECON 51300: Economic Theory

Previous Roles

Chair, Outstanding Scholar Award Committee (2008 – 2009)

Chair, PUC Research Board (2007-2008)

University Strategic Planning Committee (2007 – 2008)

Area Leader, Policy Planning & Economic Development, Purdue Water Institute (1999 – 2003)

Amlan Mitra


(219) 989-2313

Office Location:

Hammond Campus, Classroom Office Building (CLO), Room 248


  • Ph.D. – Economics, Northern Illinois University (Major: Public Finance)
  • M.U.R.P. – Urban & Regional Planning, Virginia Tech (Major: Urban & Regional Policy)
  • M.A. – Economics, Virginia Tech (Major: Public Finance)
  • M.S. – Economics, University of Calcutta (Major: Agricultural Economics)
  • B.S. – Economics, University of Calcutta

Areas of Expertise

  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Environmental Management
  • Public Finance and Policy
  • Transportation and Economic Development

Credentials, Accreditations & Awards

  • Chancellor’s Second Annual Distinguished Faculty Lecture Award
  • Member, Executive Committee, Transportation Research Board, National Academies of Sciences
  • Faculty Associate, NEXTRANS Regional Transportation Center
  • Faculty Associate, Transportation & Logistics Research, Purdue University