Anthony M Pilota

Veterans Services Coordinator

Anthony Pilota

What’s your educational background?

I learned about leadership and how to be a mentor during my four years in the Marine Corps, which included one combat tour to Afghanistan. Upon leaving the Marines, I attended Southern Illinois University Carbondale using the Illinois Veterans Grant, Montgomery Chapter 30 GI-Bill, and Post 9/11 Chapter 33 GI Bill. I completed my B.S. in Management from SIUC in May 2019, and I’m now working on my Masters in Management and Leadership at Purdue Global.

Professional interests:

I enjoy spending most of my time speaking with other veterans and sharing funny military stories. I am a huge enthusiast regarding anything with an engine or motor.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

When in college I was in a fraternity (Beta Theta Pi). Although it was not a veteran fraternity, there were a lot of veterans in it, and it reminded me of the brotherhood support system I had in the military.

What do you love about PNW?

I love that the campus is constantly evolving and adding new support programs and spaces. I love being in the Vet Center during finals week because you can see how much the students and veterans help each other.

Best college search tip:

Remember that faculty and staff are people and understand the struggles of higher ed and life in general. I find often students don’t feel comfortable communicating with faculty or staff about any struggles they are having, and stress more by thinking nothing can be done or they won’t understand.

Here to answer your questions about…

  • Finding, understanding, and applying for Veteran Benefits
  • Tips for veteran college students
  • Admissions requirements, student resources and services, and student life
  • Veteran Organizations and services in the region
  • On Campus Employment

Let’s Talk!

Contact Anthony for your admission questions:

Anthony Pilota (SGT USMC)

(219) 989-2772

Anthony Pilota


(219) 989-2772