Chen Ye, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Management Information Systems

Chen Ye


Chen Ye is an associate professor of MIS. His research and teaching revolve around the impact of technology innovations on individuals and organizations in both public and private sectors.

Research Overview

Ye’s research areas include technology user behavior, business impact of technology innovations, blockchain technology and technologies in higher education. His work has appeared in CACM, CAIS, DSS, JASIST and proceedings of AOM, AMCIS, CHI, DSI, HICSS and ICIS, among others. He has also contributed to Brookings Institution’s TechTank blog on issues related to blockchain and digital currencies.

In elementary school, I built model airplanes as a hobby and after-school activity. At my first full-time job, I wrote computer programs for the avionics on Boeing 777, one of the commercial airliners with the best safety records.

Teaching Focus

Ye has taught eleven different courses at PNW covering a wide range of areas in MIS. He has also served as the course coordinator for ISM 10200, ISM 21100 and CIS 20400, and performed at least one major redesign for each course. Before joining Purdue, he has taught courses related to computer programming and systems development at University of Illinois at Chicago and Virginia State University.

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Meet Professor Ye

Chen Ye


(219) 989-3152

Office Location:

Hammond, Anderson Building 366


  • Ph.D. – Management Information Systems, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • M.S. – Management Information Systems, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • M.S. – Mathematics, concentration in Mathematical Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago

Areas of Expertise

  • Blockchain Technology
  • Computer Programming
  • Database Systems Analysis and Design
  • Technology User Behavior

Curriculum Vitae