Deepa Majumdar, D.S.Sc.

Professor, Philosophy

Deepa Majumdar


Deepa Majumdar is a professor of philosophy in the department of history and philosophy. Her research and teaching areas include Plotinus’ Enneads, Indian thought and ancient and medieval philosophy.

Research Overview

Majumdar’s primary area of research is Neoplatonism (Plotinus’ Enneads). Her secondary area is Indian thought. She has published one book and some papers on the Enneads. She has also published on comparative philosophy (the Enneads and Advaita Vedānta), Plato and Gandhi. Finally, she has published one volume of philosophical poetry as well as published essays on technology and the pandemic.

Select Publications

“Revisiting Bréhier – Differences between Plotinus’ Enneads and Advaita Vedānta.” In Philotheos: International Journal of Philosophy and Theology 21.1 (2021). (Forthcoming)

“Drawing Wisdom from a Pandemic: An Essay: Implications of Covid-19 for Nature, God, Death, Predestination, Faith.” In Philotheos: International Journal of Philosophy and Theology 20.1 (2020): 134-150.

“Is Technology a Boon or a Bane? An Essay.” In Perspectives on Global Development and Technology, 19, no. 1-2. Brill, 2019.

Teaching Focus

  • Ancient Philosophy (Presocratics, Plato, Aristotle)
  • Medieval Philosophy (Augustine, Catherine of Sienna, etc.)
  • Philosophy of Love and Friendship (Aristotle, etc.)
  • Religions of the East (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, etc.)

Since unification, she has pioneered and co-facilitated the PNW Pedagogy Circle. She has also pioneered, edited and produced three issues (Volume I, Issues 1, 2 and Volume II, Issue 1) of PNW’s new philosophy magazine – Symphony of Reason.

Since Fall 2020, she has pioneered a very successful lecture-discussion series called “Race, Racism, Anti-Racism,” open to the public as free education.

Deepa Majumdar


(219) 785-5693

Office Location:

TECH 311


D.S.Sc. (second Ph.D.), The New School, New York City

Areas of Expertise

  • Plotinus’ Enneads Plato Indian thought (Advaita Vedānta, Gandhi)
  • Comparative Philosophy (Plotinus, Advaita Vedānta)
  • Philosophy of Technology