Reynaldo (Rey) D. Barreto, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Reynaldo Barreto


Rey is an Associate Professor of chemistry at PNW. He teaches general, analytical and environmental chemistry and has active research in environmental chemistry both at PNW and at Purdue West Lafayette.

Research Overview

  • Photocatalysis of water soluble organic solvents and compounds
  • Photocatalysis of pharmaceuticals in water
  • Development of a continuous flow photo reactor to destroy water pollutants
  • Study of TiO2 photocatalytic pathways and mechanisms
  • Studying the use of common plants as feed stock for biofuels production
  • General study into the mechanisms of climate change

Select Publications

Primary Technical Editor “Inorganic Chemistry for Dummies”

Wiley Publishing, 2013 Edited “Principles of Environmental Chemistry: 3rd Ed”

Jones & Bartlett Publishing Edited “Quantitative Chemical Analysis: 9th Ed”

W.H. Freeman & Co US Patents 67160-02 – “Continuous-Flow Photo-Reactor for the Photocatalytic Destruction of Water Soluble Ethers in Water Using TiO2“

Teaching Focus

While I teach all general chemistry courses, I particularly enjoy teaching environmental chemistry as these will be the deciding issues of the 21st Century.

Reynaldo Barreto


(219) 785-5475

Office Location:

Westville Campus, SWRZ 311B


  • Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
  • B.S., University of South Florida

Areas of Expertise

  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Photocatalysis of Water Pollutants
  • Climate Change. Medieval Heraldry

Curriculum Vitae