Emily Lane

Academic and Student Success Advisor

Emily Lane


Millie started working at PNW in 2017 and currently advises for the College of Business & First Year Advising on the Westville campus. She enjoys advising because she can tangibly help someone every single day! Advising taps into her love for being organized and a go-to resource for students. She loves being able to ease student anxieties about college. It’s rewarding to see students grow from their first year to graduation.

Millie said she loves working for PNW because, “… Purdue runs in my veins, and I’ve been drawn to higher education since an internship in college– there’s an energy to it that I haven’t found anywhere else! I work on the Westville campus and love the culture here– very “Midwest nice” and beautifully scenic! I also love to see PNW students making connections with others in our campus community.”

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  • Papercutting
  • Bike riding
  • Vacation planning!

Fun Fact

Millie studied Intercultural Theatre and Maori culture in New Zealand during her sophomore year of college. She had never flown before – her first flight was over 8,000 miles!

Emily Lane




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Westville, TECH 157B


  • Educational Studies and Psychology, BA – Manchester University
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MA – Valparaiso University