Jane Thomas, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior

Assistant Academic Director, the Leadership Institute

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Jane Thomas is an assistant professor of human resource management and organizational behavior in the College of Business. Her research focuses on relationships, teams and emotions in the workplace.

Drawing on my prior employment in Human Resources, I apply my workplace experiences and research to supplement student learning related to the core concepts of organizational behavior, management, and related areas of business. I develop students’ analytical thinking and collaboration skills through consulting projects and team-based learning.

Select Publications

Thomas, J.S., Loignon, A.C., Woehr, D., Loughry, M.L., & Ohland, M. (In Press) Dyadic viability in project teams: The Impact of Liking, Competence and Task Interdependence.

Journal of Business and Psychology:Gooty, J., Thomas, J.S., Yammarino, F.J., Kim, J., Medaugh, M. (2019). Positive and Negative Emotional Tone Convergence: An Empirical Examination of Associations with Leader and Follower LMX. The Leadership Quarterly, 30, 427-439.

Thomas, J.S., Olien, J.L., Allen, J.A., Rogelberg, S.G., & Kello, J. (2018). Faking it for the Higher Ups: Status, Safety, and Surface Acting in Workplace Meetings. Group and Organizational Management, 43, 72-100. *Awarded 2018 Group and Organization Management Best Quantitative Paper.

Jane Thomas is pictured

Lionhearted Leaders: Jane Thomas

As a college professor, as an instructor, Professor Jane Thomas takes the part of her job seriously of transforming students’ lives.

Meet Professor Thomas

Jane Thomas is pictured


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  • Ph.D. – Organizational Science, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • B.A. (Honors and Highest Distinction) – Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University

Areas of Expertise

  • Dyadic Workplace Relationships
  • Emotions and Emotional Labor
  • Teams Research Methods