Janel Cornejo

Undergraduate Advisor

Janel Cornejo


Janel A. Cornejo, M.A. is the undergraduate Student Success Academic Advisor for The College of Business. Her professional interests include autoethnography, whole food plant-based nutrition, and journalism. Janel finds great joy in setting goals and motivating students along their journey. Incorporating the art of storytelling, Janel will always encourage communication and collaboration.

Janel loves working at PNW because “with every student encounter, my goal is to look at the entire student. I think listening is a very important skill to have in an educational setting. My priority is to ensure you feel heard and cared for during your time with me at PNW.”

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Professional Interests/Specializations

  • Certified Appreciative Advisor (I hold a lifetime certificate from The Office of Appreciative Education at Florida Atlantic University)
  • Plant-based Nutrition (Completion of the PIVIO Lifestyle Medicine Institute program)
  • Journalism


  • Healthy eating & exercise
  • Photography
  • Reptiles!

Fun Fact

  • Before advising at PNW, Janel professionally worked as a journalist and photojournalist for The Times of Northwest Indiana, NBC 5 Chicago News and Telemundo.
  • Wrote a first place award-winning Broadcast Education Association script for the Netflix Original Series, “Stranger Things”
Janel Cornejo


(219) 989-8172


Office Location:

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Hammond, ANDR 334


  • Communication (Broadcasting), BA with double minors in Journalism & Advertising – Purdue University Northwest
  • Mass Media Communication (Autoethnography), MA – Purdue University Northwest