Mary Beth O’Connor, M.A.

Professor Emeritus

Mary Beth O'Connor


Mary Beth O’Connor teaches broadcasting and advertising courses and oversees both of those concentrations for the department. Additionally, she is the supervising producer for The Roundtable Perspective television show.

Research Overview

As a professional teacher, O’Connor is highly interested in effective and appropriate pedagogy, which is basically the art of teaching. Most of her scholarship centers on learning how to competently teach and then sharing that information with colleagues who teach media courses around the country. Also, at various times in her career she’s worked on documentaries with production students.

I've studied classic oriental dance, known as belly dance, with some of the top oriental dance teachers from around the world. Also, my gardens have been featured in garden walks and in a book about moss gardens. When people meet me and ask me about myself, the first thing that always comes to mind is, "I make things beautiful."

Teaching Focus

O’Connor mainly teaches television production and advertising courses. Additionally, for over three decades she’s worked in broadcasting as a professional television producer and has won many prestigious production awards for her work.


Lionhearted Leaders: Mary Beth O’Connor

Mary Beth O’Connor engages students with innovative and activity-based learning

Meet Professor O’Connor

Mary Beth O'Connor



  • M.A., Media Communication, Governors State University
  • B.A., Communication, Double-Concentration in Mass Media and Film Studies, Mundelein College

Areas of Expertise

  • Script Writing
  • Television Production
  • Television Producing
  • Film Studies
  • Advertising