Omeed S. Ilchi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Omeed Ilchi stands outdoors


Omeed Ilchi is an assistant professor of criminal justice in the Department of Behavioral Sciences. His primary research and teaching interests are policing, corrections and criminological theory.

Research Overview

Ilchi’s current research focuses on perceptions of the police and police militarization, as well as support for policies that seek to increase police accountability. He has also published journal articles and book chapters related to the effectiveness of early intervention programs and life-course criminology.

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Select Publications

Ilchi, O.S., & Frank, J. (2021) Supporting the message, not the messenger: The correlates of attitudes towards Black Lives Matter. American Journal of Criminal Justice, 46, 377-398.

Ilchi, O.S., & Frank, J. (2020). Public servants or soldiers? A test of the police-military equivalency hypothesis. Journal of Crime and Justice, 43(2), 228-244.

Sullivan, C.J., Welsh, B.C., & Ilchi, O.S. (2017). Modeling the scaling up of early crime prevention: Implementation challenges and opportunities for translational criminology. Criminology & Public Policy, 16(2), 457-485.

Teaching Focus

Ilchi’s main teaching areas include policing, community corrections, institutional corrections, criminological theory, courts, statistics and race and ethnicity in the criminal justice system.

Previous Roles

Assistant Professor, Westfield State University, Department of Criminal Justice, 2018 – 2021

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Meet Professor Ilchi

Omeed Ilchi stands outdoors



Office Location:

Hammond, Porter Hall 216B


  • Ph.D. – Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati
  • M.S. – Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati
  • B.A. – Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Maryland

Areas of Expertise

  • Police Accountability
  • Police Militarization
  • Community Corrections
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Life-Course Criminology

Credentials, Accreditations & Awards

Sage Junior Faculty Professional Development Teaching Award from the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, 2020