Robert A. Kramer, Ph.D., CEM, CDSM, CEA

Professor of Physics

Robert Kramer


Robert Kramer teaches physics and engineering courses and conducts research in energy utilization, sources, optimization, reliability and electric transmission. He is also the director of the Energy Center.

Research Overview

Kramer is involved in the development of research programs in energy utilization and efficiency, LED lighting systems, building energy efficiency, electric power, reliability, electric transmission, renewable energy sources including hydrogen production from biomass, coal gasification for the production of liquid transportation fuels, advanced control of industrial loads and nuclear analysis.

Select Publications

Kramer, R, “Street Lighting Technology Research”, Road School Proceedings, W. Lafayette, IN, March, 2018.

Jahan, M., Kramer, R., “Building Energy Efficiency Analysis Tool Utilizing a Segmented Analytic Approach”, Energy Engineering, 115, 2, 2018.

Maldonado, R., Kramer, R., “Separation of Gases Using Membranes and Diffusion Theory”, McNair Conference Proceedings, Madison, Wisconsin, September 2014.

Teaching Focus

Kramer’s approach to research and teaching are inseparably intertwined with a desire to produce value for the community and students as well as assisting in the discovery and development of new and effective ways, in a sustainable and environmentally compatible manner, to assure the future availability, quality and reliability of both existing and new energy resources and transmission.

Previous Roles

Prior to coming to PNW, Kramer held various engineering, operations and research positions in the energy industry and was most recently chief scientist for NiSource Energy Technologies with responsibility for technical developments of new energy technologies.

Robert Kramer

Lionhearted Leaders: Robert Kramer

PNW Professor of Physics Robert Kramer shares his accomplishments and discusses the impact of his research on turning food waste into hydrogen as fuel.

Meet Professor Kramer

Robert Kramer


(219) 989-2147

Office Location:

Hammond Campus, SAB 069 & GYTE 271


  • Ph.D. – Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University, W. Lafayette
  • M.S. – Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University, W. Lafayette
  • M.S. – Physics, Purdue University, W. Lafayette
  • B.S. – Physics, Purdue University, W. Lafayette

Areas of Expertise

  • Energy Systems Analysis
  • Optimization Electric System Engineering
  • Operations and Reliability
  • Renewable Energy Source and Systems Nuclear Power

Credentials, Accreditations & Awards

  • NiSource Charitable Foundation Professor of Energy and the Environment Certified Energy Manager
  • Certified Demand Side Manager
  • Certified Energy AuditorFvi

Curriculum Vitae