Yu Ouyang, Ph.D.

Associate Department Chair, English and World Languages and History, Philosophy & Political Science

Associate Professor

Yu Ouyang


Yu Ouyang’s teaching responsibilities include introductory and upper-level courses in American politics and quantitative methodology.

Research Overview

Ouyang’s research focuses on executive power and actions. His Ph.D. dissertation examines how, why and the extent to which presidents issue unilateral directives such as executive orders to make public policy. In addition, his research also examines how presidents manage the bureaucracy through presidential appointments and the importance of social media and Twitter in presidential communications.

As a first generation student myself, I love helping students find and reach their true potential. Critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and planning and research are all vital career skills that a degree in Political Science will help develop. It is a very versatile degree, preparing students for any career path they wish to pursue.

Select Publications

Ouyang, Yu. “Checking Executive Power: A Simulation Model of Unilateral Executive Behavior.” Congress & the Presidency. Forthcoming. https://doi.org/10.1080/07343469.2019.1569735

Ouyang, Yu, and Michael A. Morgan. 2019. “How Presidents Utilize Their Emergency Powers.” Presidential Studies Quarterly 49 (3): 718-732. https://doi.org/10.1111/psq.12588

Ouyang, Yu, Evan T. Haglund, and Richard W. Waterman. 2017. “The Missing Element: Examining the Loyalty-Competence Nexus in Presidential Appointments.” Presidential Studies Quarterly 47 (1): 62-91. https://doi.org/10.1111/psq.12346

Teaching Focus

Ouyang’s teaching focuses on courses in American politics, public policy and research methodology. He is committed to excellence in teaching. By fostering a healthy and supportive learning environment, students can think critically by asking focused questions, by thoroughly scrutinizing potential explanations and by systematically evaluating evidence on important topics in U.S. politics

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Lionhearted Leaders: Yu Ouyang

PNW Professor of Political Science Yu Ouyang shares more about his goals and research in American Presidential Politics.

Meet Professor Ouyang

Yu Ouyang


(219) 989-3143


Office Location:

Hammond, CLO 296


  • Ph.D. – Political Science, University of Kentucky
  • B.A. – Political Science, Valdosta State University

Areas of Expertise

  • American Politics Presidential Power
  • Executive Politics Quantitative Methods
  • Executive Actions Econometrics
  • Quantitative Text Analysis
  • Bayesian Analysis

Credentials, Accreditations & Awards

  • 2019 Teaching Incentives Program Award
  • 2018 IASS Faculty Research Award. Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences
  • 2018 CHESS Summer Scholarship Award. Purdue University Northwest.
  • 2017 Purdue Research Foundation Summer Faculty Grant
  • Digital Learning Faculty Certificate Program, Spring 2017

Curriculum Vitae