Education Abroad

Earn course credit while living and learning in other countries with our exciting study-abroad programs.

Study-Abroad Locations

Blois, France
Each summer, a small group of students spends four weeks in Blois, France, a beautiful historical city located by the Loire River and a United Nations World Heritage Site. Participants take two three-credit courses in French based on their skill level.

Cáceres, Spain
Based in the medieval city of Cáceres, Spain, this intensive four-week program is a blend of language, culture and civilization studies for students who wish to experience and learn about a culture different than their own

Granada, Nicaragua
Participants spend a week in Granada, Nicaragua, experiencing the local culture and way of life. Days are filled with local volunteer work, cultural excursions, and discussions on Nicaragua’s history and politics.

Rennes, France
Take courses in political science while experiencing western France. You can earn 15 credits per semester while also taking advantage of the unique history and culture of Rennes!

Trois-Rivières, Québec
The intensive five-week program in Québec will allow you to earn six credits in French.

The department encourages students to incorporate an international experience in their course of study.

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For information on receiving credit via traveling abroad, please see your academic advisor.