Boiler Sales Society Virtual Auction

Organized by students in Advanced Selling in partnership
with Purdue West Lafayette

Proceeds from donations to PNW will go towards
an endowed Professional Selling Scholarship!

April 8, 2022 to April 15, 2022
Boiler Sales Society Auction

There are over 200 packages available for bidding. Packages include gift cards, Purdue memorabilia, apparel, and more!

Your contribution will be commingled with the funds of other donors in support of establishing a scholarship endowment for the benefit of the College of Business. This endowed scholarship fund requires a minimum of $25,000 within five years. Once the minimum is reached, the revenue will be used for the Professional Selling Scholarship to support full-time undergraduate PNW students who have demonstrated a minimum 2.5 GPA and have declared a Sales minor. Scholarship recipients will be selected by the Dean of the College of Business or their designee. If less than $10,000 is received within six months, then the amount in the fund and all future funds will be expeded for said scholarships until exhausted.

Student entering the White Lodging Professional Selling Lab

For more info:
M. Starr McDonald, Program Coordinator
(219) 989-3160