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Program Intro

As a Communication and Media Studies student, you will investigate communication as it occurs in your real life—from interpersonal and group communication to persuasion, culture, and media entertainment. Courses provide insights and practical guides for understanding and practicing communication across all areas of social life.

Department of Communication and Creative Arts

You’ll benefit from small classes led by faculty with strong academic and professional experience. Students engage in individual and group projects, opinion research and message development.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact with business clients in the community, as well as an active and involved alumni base throughout the Chicagoland area.

Curriculum Overview

The Communication and Media Studies program includes introductory courses in interpersonal communication and persuasion before moving to further investigations of popular culture to media framing of news and entertainment. Special topics will be offered regularly to address other interests, such as social media, television, film, and international communication.

You can currently complete this program at PNW’s Hammond campus.

Start with a foundation in communication essentials like speech, media and culture.

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Sample Courses

  • COM 11400 – Fundamentals of Speech Communication
  • COM 20400 – Critical Perspectives on Communication
  • COM 25000 – Mass Communication and Society

Develop your expertise with courses that explore theory, politics and globalization.

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Sample Courses

  • COM 21400 – Comparative Theories of Interpersonal Communication
  • COM 30900 – Visual Communication
  • COM 31800 – Principles of Persuasion

Dive deeper into this specialization with advanced studies in media and persuasion. You can also complete an internship in year three.

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Sample Courses

  • COM 32000 – Small Group Communication
  • COM 34900 – Media and Culture
  • COM 37000 – Writing for the Media

Complete your training with special topics in interpersonal communication, organizational communication or mass communication.

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Sample Courses

  • COM 32400 – Introduction to Organizational Communication
  • COM 39000 – Special Topics in Communication
  • COM 46300 – Mass Media Criticism


This program combines communication theory and research with practical projects that emphasize critical thinking and writing. You’ll gain versatile communication skills that can be applied to a variety of careers and settings.

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In this program, you’ll develop skills that set you apart in the fields of communication and media. You might become an influencer in media, politics, health or marketing. Regardless of your path, you will learn to create and share messages that traverse geographical and social divides.

Beyond the Classroom

We encourage students to join student groups like the Union for Democratic Communication.

Career Paths

Communication grads go on to careers in fields like:

  • Public and Civil Service
  • Human Relations and Public Relations
  • Social Media and Broadcasting
  • Advertising and Corporate Communication


Our program’s value is best demonstrated through the employers our graduates have worked for:

  • Weather Channel
  • Windy City Live
  • Service Employees International Union (new)

Meet the Faculty

Lee Artz

Lee Artz, Ph.D.

Professor, Media Studies

Lee Artz is a professor of media studies and the director of the Center for Global Studies at Purdue University Northwest.

Catherine Gillotti

Catherine M. Gillotti, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, CHESS

Catherine Gillotti is a professor of Communication and the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies for the College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (CHESS).

Erin Okamoto Protsman

Erin Okamoto Protsman, M.A.

Continuing Lecturer, Communication and Creative Arts

Erin Okamoto Protsman teaches a variety of classes in the communication field.

Rhon Teruelle

Rhon Teruelle, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mass Communication and Social Media

Rhon Teruelle’s research and teaching focus on critical communication studies.

Dan Wilbur

Dan S. Wilbur, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Communication

Dr. Wilbur is an Associate Professor of Communication and of Health Studies, He also serves as a Faculty Fellow in Student Affairs, and is the faculty advisor for the PNW Theatre Company.

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