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Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science

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Computer Science Degree Program Overview

Purdue University Northwest’s computer science degree program teaches you to apply computer science principles to everyday problems. This includes developing new software, managing databases and analyzing data. You’ll also learn to create data visualization solutions that help other engineers and scientists interpret information.

Department of Computer Science

Join a recognized program! PNW’s computer science program was included in the rankings by U.S. News & World Report of undergraduate computer science programs.

Our small class sizes allow you to develop strong connections with your instructors and classmates. Our dedicated faculty members provide individualized academic support. You’ll also get plenty of applied learning opportunities that prepare you to solve real-world problems.

Computer Science Major Curriculum

As a computer science student, you’ll take a balance of general education courses, College of Engineering and Sciences core courses and a range of courses that cover all fundamental areas of computer science.

To graduate with a BS in Computer Science, you must complete a total of 120 credit hours, with a minimum grade of C for all Major Core courses and electives.

Get ready to learn. Start with courses that will build your foundation for success in Computer Science.

Computer Science Course of Study

Sample Courses

  • CS 10000 – An Introduction To Computer Science
  • CS 12300 – Programming I: Java
  • MA 16300 – Integrated Calculus Analysis Geometry I

Get closer to core concepts; develop your computing and problem solving skills.

Computer Science Course of Study

Sample Courses

  • CS 27500 – Data Structures
  • CS 22300 – Computer Architecture and Assembly Language
  • CS 30200 – Operating Systems
  • CS 30900 – Discrete Mathematical Structures

Learn advanced problem solving skills and explore focused areas of computer science.

Computer Science Course of Study

Sample Courses

  • CS 31600 – Programming Languages
  • CS 33200 – Algorithms
  • CS 41600 – Software Engineering
  • CS 45500 – Computer Graphics

Dive deep into specific fields of computer science. Work on a project supervised by a faculty.

Computer Science Course of Study

Sample Courses

  • CS 40400 – Distributed Systems
  • CS 41000 – Automata and Computability
  • CS 42000 – Senior Design Project
  • CS 44200 – Database Systems

Computer Science Degree Program Highlights

Computer science is a rapidly growing field. With a degree from PNW, you’ll be in high demand with employers in a wide range of industries and fields. We offer small classes taught by dedicated faculty, as well as research and internship opportunities that set you apart in the marketplace.

When you study computer science at PNW, you’ll be joining a recognized program. PNW’s computer science program was included in the rankings by U.S. News & World Report of undergraduate computer science programs.

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Computer Science Degree Program Outcomes

You’ll demonstrate a mastery of core Computer Science concepts and gain the essential knowledge and skills required to solve real-world problems. The depth of the program will allow you to stay current in this dynamic field.

Computer Science Degree Program Career Paths

There are a wealth of opportunities available to computer science grads, including:

  • Software Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Systems Analyst

Computer Science Degree Program Beyond the Classroom

You’ll find plenty of opportunities to connect with faculty and peers in extracurricular activities, such as:

  • Association for Computing Machinery
  • IEEE Computer Society

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Computer Science Degree Program Employers

PNW computer science majors have successful careers at companies like:

  • ArcelorMittal
  • Applied Systems
  • WestMonroe Partners

Computer Science Degree Program Scholarships

In addition to the scholarships available through Financial Aid and CES, you can apply for:

  • Clark Memorial Scholarship
  • Thompson Endowed Scholarship
  • The Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Scholarship

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There's a close relationship between the faculty and the students. If you need help, you can just reach out, and they’ll respond.

Quin Owens

[The professors] prepared us throughout college and set us up with the tools that we need to succeed. It helped me secure a good job and I thank my professors for that.

Sara Wenzel

I came into college with barely any knowledge on what computer science truly was and have thrived.

The smaller campus community gave me lots of opportunities to connect with students and faculty. It helped prepare me for my future career and truly gave me the information I need to work in the industry.

Meet the Faculty

Shuhui yang

Shuhui Grace Yang, Ph.D.

Department Chair, Computer Science

Shuhui Grace Yang is a professor of computer science in the Department of Computer Science. Her research and teaching focus on computer network and wireless communication.

Hairong Zhao

Hairong Zhao, Ph.D.

Professor of Computer Science; Graduate Advisor

Hairong (Helen) Zhao is a full time professor in computer science. Besides teaching and research, she also serves as the graduate advisor in computer science.

Grethe Hystad, Ph.D. is pictured

Grethe Hystad, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Statistics

Grethe Hystad is an Associate Professor of Statistics. Her role is to teach and mentor students in statistics and to solve applied statistical research problems.

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Earn a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at PNW

Purdue University Northwest’s computer science degree program enables you to reach a genuine understanding of the industry while building the knowledge to solve everyday problems like developing new software, managing databases and analyzing data.

To see how a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from PNW opens doors, from corporate boardrooms to non-profit leadership, take the next step today!

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