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Program Intro

Philosophy investigates the big questions: What is there, what do we know, and how should we live?

Courses in philosophy develop a variety of skills that contribute to professional success, engaged citizenship and a well-rounded life. These include analytical thinking, abstract reasoning and creative problem solving – competencies universally sought by employers of all kinds.

Department of History, Philosophy, Politics and Economics

As a Philosophy major, you’ll be part of a vibrant intellectual community that prioritizes discussion-based learning. Given its high faculty-to-student ratio, our students work closely with award-winning faculty who are internationally recognized in the fields of applied ethics, ethical theory, existentialism, phenomenology, aesthetics and the history of philosophy.

Curriculum Overview

This expansive curriculum is focused on core texts and topics in the analytic, continental and Eastern philosophical traditions. We feature special courses designed to explore topics of contemporary significance, such as popular culture, social justice, healthcare issues and environmental concerns.

You can currently complete this degree at PNW’s Hammond campus.

Begin your program with foundational courses like Human Experience in Art, Literature, Music, and Philosophy or Big Questions: Introduction to Philosophy.

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Sample Courses

  • ENGL 10400 – English Composition I
  • SOC 10000 – Introductory Sociology
  • COM 11400 – Fundamentals Of Speech Communication

Tackle logic and ethics in your second year with an  introductory logic class and either Ethics or Ethics for the Professions.

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Sample Courses

  • PHIL 10100
  • PHIL 11000
  • PHIL 12000

Explore metaphysics and epistemology with philosophy of religion and philosophy of science courses. You’ll also begin studying the history of the field with a class on ancient philosophy.

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Sample Courses

  • PSY 12000 – Elementary Psychology

Your final year expands to include more history of philosophy courses. Conclude your studies with two advanced specialized topics in philosophy.

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Sample Courses

  • PHIL 30300
  • PHIL 30600
  • PHIL 49000

Program Requirements

To be admitted to this program, you are required to have a 2.0 GPA at PNW.


Our faculty members have earned international recognition for their work in the subject areas that come together under this major. They have produced 18 scholarly books, 125 peer-reviewed published articles and over 200 conference presentations.

They also are passionate teachers that offer you plenty of opportunities for mentorship and research.

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Logical, verbal and conceptual skills central to the discipline help philosophy majors earn the highest mid-career salaries of all non-STEM majors.

Every student who has worked with PNW philosophy faculty on graduate school applications has been accepted into one of his/her desired programs, whether in philosophy, law, theology or psychology.


There are multiple funding opportunities available to students in this program, including:

  • Howard Cohen Philosophy Scholarship

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Beyond the Classroom

We know that learning happens everywhere, so we encourage you to get involved with activities like:

  • Philosophy Club
  • Symphony of Reason, a student philosophy journal
  • Philosophy Matters Talk Series

Career Paths

Philosophy majors find diverse career opportunities in fields such as:

  • Law
  • Education
  • Business


Graduates of this program are employed in organizations and companies like:

  • Mountain Park Health Center
  • University of Dayton
  • One Step Beyond Inc.

Meet the Faculty

David Detmer

David Detmer, Ph.D.

Professor of Philosophy Coordinator

David Detmer is a professor of philosophy in the department of history and philosophy. He is also coordinator of the philosophy program.

Deepa Majumdar

Deepa Majumdar, D.S.Sc.

Professor, Philosophy

Deepa Majumdar is a professor of philosophy in the department of history and philosophy. Her research and teaching areas include Plotinus’ Enneads, Indian thought and ancient and medieval philosophy.

Renee Conroy

Renee M. Conroy, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Renee M. Conroy is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Fulbright Scholar. Her research addresses issues in the philosophy of art focused on dance, literature, film, and encounters with the pa

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