Abigail Gomez


Hello! My name is Abigail Gomez-Avila, and this is my second year in the Nursing program. I enjoy drawing, doing puzzles such as sudoku and crosswords, and I enjoy watching anime and wrestling. My favorite food is ground beef and I love slushies, especially Coca-Cola slushies. My favorite animals are pigs and I have lots of pig decorations throughout my apartment.

I am the SI Leader for Biology 213 Anatomy and Physiology. SI is valuable because it gives students a chance to interact and ask for help from someone who has successfully completed the class. It gives the students a chance to learn what to expect and how the class runs from a student perspective. Even though the professors explain the material, hearing it again from a different perspective really helps one understand the material. Students can ask what works, what information to focus on for tests, how the tests work, how to review for them, and most importantly, clarification on any questions they did not get the chance to ask in class. SI is especially important this semester because many classes are online with little to no weekly interaction with professors. Attending SI is a chance to hear and ask questions instantly rather than waiting for a response that may not fully answer your question if misinterpreted. Regardless of the question, the immediate feedback is extremely helpful and other students may have the same question or might find the information useful.

SI sessions for Bio213 are:

  • Tuesdays 6pm-7pm
  • Thursdays 5pm-6pm

Sessions are held through Zoom.