Alexander Quilty


Hello! My name is Alexander Quilty, it is essentially my Junior year here at PNW (I am a transfer student) but, I’ve been at the school for at least a year now, my major is Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Mechatronics and a Minor in Mathematics. I tutor for a majority of the math courses offered here at PNW, College Algebra, Triginometry, Pre Calculus, Calculus 1-3 and Differential Equations, I can also tutor for Engineering 19000 a intro freshman class, and ECE-201 and ECE-202 for basic Circuit Analysis. Over the few semesters I’ve been here I’ve picked up on some very useful techniques and ways of memorizing useful information for higher math courses. I will not always immediately have the answer but, I am confident in my ability to assist you, the student in understanding the material the best way possible as long as you also put in effort to understand the material. DONT HESITATE! Tutoring can make a astronomical impact on your understanding of the course! And the beginning of your courses is usually the foundation for future content! Even if I am not your selected tutor, I would encourage you to find a tutor that you are comfortable with and helps your understanding in order to achieve the best education and grade you possibly can here at PNW.