Andrew Morris


I enjoy Yoga, being outdoors, the beach, working out, relaxing with friends, and living a pura vida lifestyle. I’m extremely busy with nursing school, but if I’m not studying 10 hrs a day or leading SI sessions, you can find me outdoors, on the beach, or in the gym.
I SI for NUR-415, Nursing Pathophysiology
SI is extremely valuable. I have been blessed to have great SIs for many courses during my time at PNW, from anatomy & physiology to patho itself. Attending SI sessions throughout my collegiate career has definitely prepared me to do better in my coursework. I try to make my SI sessions fun, jovial, community-oriented, and make sure we cover a lot of information as well, so students are as prepared as possible to succeed, no matter how challenging the course work.
I hold Patho SI sessions during the Fall 2020 semester on Wednesdays from 6-7pm and Thursdays from 4-5pm on Zoom