Antionette Yasko


Hello Everyone! My name is Antionette Yasko. I am currently a sophomore attending university working towards earning a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences with a concentration in biotechnology. I have various interests that I apply my time to including research done with faculty, uncovering exciting new series to read, and listening to a wide range of music. I am a Supplemental Instructional Leader (SI) for two classes: Chem 119 and Chem 115. Chem 119 I hold SI sessions once a week from 1 pm – 2 pm on Thursdays. For chem 115 I hold sessions Thursdays 2 pm – 3 pm and Friday’s 1 pm – 2 pm. SI is a program that is beneficial to those who choose to attend. I encourage the students in my SI Sessions to approach schoolwork and university as a whole as invaluable experience of growth and discovery. I strive to make the sessions informative, but also interactive so that the students participate.